How To LooksMax (Up To An 8+/10): The Complete Guide

Posted on December 22, 2020 in Alpha Physique, LooksMax

This is me about halfway through my ‘LooksMax journey’ – still have a way to go on the physique, tan and grooming (the latter two also affect your face)

Alright guys, today I’m going to show you how to LooksMax properly. I have a ton of experience with this, and can see that most guys on Reddit forums and Youtube comments have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to this topic.

It’s kind of depressing listening to these dudes.

“It’s not possible to increase your value by more than 1 point!” (On a scale from 1 to 10).

“This doesn’t work for *insert race*”

“If you’re 5’9, then the best you can possibly hope for is a 7/10!”

This is all incorrect, and I’m about to give you a load of real-life demonstrations as to why this is the case. Make sure you read on to see these – some of them are plain ridiculous!

I understand the emotional pain behind the above arguments. Because men who are not in the top 20% are indeed pretty much invisible to women, and they tend to get less respect from other men too (although this isn’t always the case). I can see that very clearly, and I’ve experienced it myself over the past 10 years.

If you want to be in the top 20% of men, you do indeed need to looksmax.

But I’ll help you to be a little more objective with this, and give you a game plan to max out your own looks.

First off, some definitions/clarifications.

If you’re below 5’10, then yes, that’s a negative. But quickly looking at guys like Tom Cruise (5’7) and Mark Wahlberg (5’8) immediately proves that height is only one factor among many. These are examples of male celebrities, who instantly become 10/10s purely because of their social status.

So this obsession over height makes no sense to me, when status is clearly a far larger factor (and you don’t need to be a celebrity to have status).

But since we’re here to talk about looksmaxing, I’m going to ignore other factors like money, status and confidence/dominance/masculine energy for now, and purely focus on your appearance.

In terms of the complaints about race:

Yes, I concede that certain races do have a disadvantage over others, especially in Western countries. But for every race you can think of, there is some celebrity you can look towards who is good-looking and/or jacked, that’s pulling stunners left and right.

The difference with race is that you simply have to work 20-40% harder than other guys across the 4 key areas, if you have a disadvantage.

It is my strong opinion that unless you were born with a serious physical deformity, then you can work your way up to a 8+/10 physically, no matter who you are. Even if you’re starting from a 2 or 3/10.

Now let me show you where you need to focus your efforts, if you want to looksmax successfully.

Your appearance can be broken down into four main categories, and we’re going to look at each of them:

1. LooksMax Your Face

This is the one that upsets guys the most (even more so than height).

The reason is that it’s probably the biggest determinant of how physically attractive you are, assuming you aren’t really poor in one of the other key areas.

But most guys simply have no idea what they’re capable of, because they’ve spent their entire lives walking around at 15-30% body fat, with a decent layer of fat covering their facial features. Trust me when I say this:

Until you’ve gotten to 10% body fat or less, with relatively low sodium in your diet (reduces water retention/bloat), you have no idea how good looking you can be. I advise you to do this using Intermittent Fasting as it’s more long-term sustainable.

This is a nuclear-level strategy that alone can take men from a 3 to a 7/10, depending on their starting point and underlying bone structure. Even if your bone structure sucks, you’ll still look WAY better without the puppy fat – it makes you look feminine/boyish/weak.

(If you want to hit 10% body fat using Intermittent Fasting, make sure you get on my email list – nobody is better than me at getting guys lean):

    If your starting point is particularly low and you’ve got a really big face with a double chin etc., this could give you up to a 6 point boost (best case scenario) in your overall ‘looks score’. Really powerful stuff, depending on your starting point.

    Check out this example by Derek below (great website and Youtube channel – definitely check him out):


    Beyond this, the main areas you need to look at are:

    • Grooming
    • Tan (if applicable, obviously)


    A good haircut that suits your facial shape will really help to improve how handsome your face appears (without actually changing your face). Your facial hair will do the same thing when well-shaped, and kept under control.

    Grooming makes a huge difference when you’re already relatively chiselled. There’s a reason that all male models are sub-10% body fat with really well-groomed hair. These are two of the biggest attraction-enhancers. If you don’t know how to groom your hair properly, go to a good hairdressers, and copy their techniques (this took me several years to get a hang of).

    Grooming can definitely add 1-2 points to your appearance, (2 points being fairly rare).

    Here’s another example, this time it’s not just a body fat transformation, it’s also grooming:

    128 Amazing Before & After Pics Reveal How Weight Loss Changes Your Face |  Bored Panda

    I would argue that this guy’s grooming could still be a bit better, but it’s a metric shit-ton better than it was in the before pic.


    If you’re pasty white, a good tan can make a night and day difference in your physical appearance, especially if you’re already fairly chiselled. Yes, this requires quite a lot of work if you’re naturally very pale with Scottish/Irish blood in you. You’ll need to have constant access to the sun, and be incredibly careful with your gradual-ramping-up of time spent in the sun.

    But there’s peptides like melanotan 2 that you can look into if you think a little ‘enhancement’ is worth it (I think it could be).

    Tanning can add 1-2 points to your appearance, with 2 points being fairly rare (although much more likely in the summer when you’re wearing less clothing).

    Here’s a tanning transformation using melanotan:

    If you don't use Melanotan 2 you're a dumbass. - Page 2 -  Forums

    2. LooksMax Your Physique

    A lot of guys online seem to be under the impression that your physique doesn’t count for much, and that it’s ‘all about your face’.

    While I agree that your face is the most important factor for most men, let me tell you something.

    If a guy is 6’0-6’4, and has an elite physique with high-level style, he can have a outright UGLY face and still get laid a ton. I’ve seen this countless times.

    Admittedly these guys were also confident, but my point is that physical dominance is very real and very important for attraction. You’ll also gain the respect of other men. This makes it far easier to become high status in most social scenarios.

    Your physique matters. A lot.

    Here’s a physique transformation to demonstrate what I’m talking about. This is a WBFF fitness model, and it’s also a facial, grooming and tanning transformation too (can you see why getting to sub 10% body fat is so important for your overall looks?):


    You can read more about his journey here. (And yes I purposely chose a minority to show you what you’re capable of if you’re Asian).

    You Must Be Lean

    Where most guys go wrong with their physique transformations, is that they follow the advice of ‘just go lift’. This is good advice for making you more confident, but it’s nowhere near enough in terms of looksmaxing.

    ‘Just lifting’ tends to results in men looking too bulky, gaining facial bloat, and paying little attention to other areas of their appearance.

    If you want to looksmax your physique, it’s critical that you gain size, but then you cut down to 10% body fat or less.

    Whilst this isn’t going to be as insanely powerful as the facial transformation for most men (up to a 4-6 point boost in your ‘looks score’), it will definitely add 1-2 points for the majority of men who are not obese.

    If you ARE currently obese, this will be just as powerful as the facial transformation, with a potential 4-6 point boost in your physical appearance. This alone could literally take you from a 2/10 to an 8/10, depending on various other factors. At minimum it will take you to a 6/10.

    Hopefully you’re starting to see the power of this stuff when you combine several factors. Namely, a chiselled face, an elite physique, excellent grooming and a deep tan.

    Even with shite genetics, you can dramatically improve most of these if you looksmax.

    And I’m not even close to finished yet…

    3. LooksMaxing Your Height

    This one triggers so many guys. And I can see why, as height does matter a lot, and you have less control over your height than you do your body fat %, muscle mass, grooming, tan, and style.

    But here’s the thing – most women when they say they want a guy who’s over 6’0, they’re not being objectively honest.

    George Clooney filmography - Wikipedia

    Would they reject the good-looking, powerful, 5’10 CEO of the company they work for? Probably not.

    Would they reject George Clooney standing at 5’11? Haha, no. They’d cheat on their 6’3 boyfriend in a heartbeat.

    Would they reject Johnny Depp at 5’9? Not in a million years.

    So women aren’t being absolutely honest (in the masculine sense) with their words. What they ARE saying is this:

    “Assuming the man in question doesn’t have a significant amount of social proof, wealth, or isn’t extremely good looking, then I want him to at least be taller than me.”

    You Need To Be Taller Than Her

    So that’s what you need to focus on in order to looksmax. The truth is that 9 times out of 10, you need to be notably taller than she is, as women feel more secure and physically comfortable when they’re with a man that’s taller and stronger than they are.

    But you definitely don’t need to be 6’0, or 6’4 unless the woman is particularly tall herself (and even then there’s plenty of exceptions to the rule, trust me).

    Here’s what to do:

    If you’re under 6’0, start wearing shoes that have a good heel on them already. Usually this will be boots, or bigger trainers, and it will add an extra inch to your height. If you’re under 5’10, then in certain social situations, I think you should wear shoe lifts within these boots/trainers, if you’re really looking to looksmax.

    Shoe Lifts

    Insoles, shoeinsole, unisex, shoecushion

    A lot of guys have a problem with this, but here’s a reality check:

    Women have been doing this for a long time now – heels, make up, push up bras etc. They know the rules of the game. While most men are just clueless as to how competitive it is. It’s especially important under certain social scenarios. For example; first dates, in a club or bar where everyone is standing, and you’re directly being compared to other men.

    You want to get every advantage you can get, and good shoes + shoe lifts can give you an extra 1-3 inches to your height.

    If you’re 5’8 – 5’10, this could give you an extra 1-3 points boost in your overall ‘looks score’. If you’re below 5’8, it could give you more than 3 points, especially if you’re a decent looking guy who’s in good shape.

    4. LooksMaxing Your Style

    Improving your style isn’t going to make a huge difference if you’re either obese, or really really short. So if either of those apply to you, make sure you’re attacking #2 and/or #3 on the list first.

    But if you’ve got the other areas sorted, then your style can really amplify your overall look, especially if you’re relatively chiselled, and you’ve got a good physique.

    Fitness comes first. Then style is used to amplify your strong points (whether it’s your face or your physique).

    It’s no good having a fitness model level physique, and then wearing baggy clothing, and zero accessories. You want to show that shit off. It’s like keeping a Ferrari locked up in your garage 24/7 – makes zero sense.

    Here’s an example of a style transformation from a normal guy (check out Will Freeman’s SMV article here):

    Average Guy Before
    Above Average Guy (After Pictures)

    And this is on a NORMAL guy.

    If you’ve got a really good physique, with really strong grooming, a tan, and a nice watch, this stuff becomes significantly more powerful. (The guy above has no physique, no tan, poor grooming etc.)

    If you’re a ‘normal guy’, this can add 1-2 points to your overall ‘looks score’. If you’ve got a great physique, you’re looking at 1-3 points.

    The secret is to wear very fitted clothing (probably more fitted than you feel comfortable with at first), with colours that look good for you and your skin colour. Read sites like Well Built Style to get some good ideas.

    Conclusion: What Can You Expect?

    Hopefully this article has given you an objective analysis of what you’re capable of, even if you’ve got below average genetics.

    Unless you already score very highly in one of these areas, you need to work on ALL of them. There’s probably several things you can do to looksmax your face, your body, your height and your style.

    Working on all four is how you can transform from a 3 to an 8. Yes it takes work in order to successfully looksmax, and it takes time.

    But here’s what an average man (5’10, skinny fat-body with 17% body fat, average face, average/scruffy style) could expect within a couple of months, being an objective 5/10:

    • Add 1-3 inches to his height, making him 5’11-6’1. (This is an overnight result, although I would do this gradually if he was looking to add 3 inches. He doesn’t want people asking too many questions.)
    • Transform his style (this is an overnight result too, although the full benefits won’t be seen until he transforms his physique).
    • Max out his grooming with the help of multiple stylists. (This can be done within a couple of months, although the full benefits won’t be seen until his face becomes more chiselled).
    • Max out his tan with the help of melanotan (if he actually needs it), and some good ol’ vitamin D. (This can be done within a couple of months, although the full benefits won’t be seen until he becomes more jacked and more chiselled.)

    The height boost will immediately make him a 6/10 to most women, and then the style + grooming + tan will put him at a 7/10 to most women.

    He probably won’t become an 8/10 to most without getting chiselled and/or jacked. Getting to low body fat with a good physique and good height are the real ‘power strategies’ that do the heavy lifting, and then style, grooming, and a deep tan simply max out your looks as far as possible.


    In terms of the longer-term stuff, he would:

    • Build an elite physique which he would show off through his style, with muscle fit clothes year-round (this physique would take 3-4 years to build – most men don’t have the discipline). It would also require him to get down to 10% body fat after the muscle is built.
    • Max out his face, by getting as lean as he needs to get in order to look chiselled and handsome. Since his grooming, tan and style are already on point. (Getting down to 10% bf is enough for most men, and you could opt to ignore the physique and just maximise your facial aesthetics. Especially if you’re a naturally ‘bigger guy’). This would take 1 year or less, especially using OMAD with Phen Gold.

    Either of these actions would take him up to an 8/10 to most women – this is the power of a successful LooksMax.

    If he was disciplined enough to achieve both (and most men are not), he could even be a physical 9 to a lot of women, depending on his facial genetics and muscle insertions.

    Now this is your average guy.

    If you’re obese, you’ll likely get a 4-6 point boost by just losing all the damn fat. If you’re 5’6, you might be looking at 3-5 points if you really max out the boots, insoles, and muscle mass.

    Every man is different, and every man needs to focus on different things.

    But the common denominator is always hard work over time.

    Do you Want To LooksMax?

    Get on my email list ASAP. I’m constantly showing men new strategies to get jacked and get down to 10% body fat.

    It’s what I do best.

    Here’s the link (plus get lots of Intermittent Fasting freebies):

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