Monk Mode: 6 Ways It Can Transform Your Life

Monk Mode, Semen Retention

Monk mode is a concentrated period of time, where you take your focus away from chasing women, and towards productive activities that have real long-term value.

Monk mode has the potential to transform you into a beast, when done correctly.


Well, you could build a side business that generates $3k passive income per month, and allows you to ultimately build towards financial independence. Or you could build your physique and become the next big fitness model. Both are ambitious goals that require a lot of focused time and energy. Time that you will not have if you’re chasing women 24/7.

Monk Mode

Monk Mode: How I Have Done It

The past year or so, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a substantial home gym, and an online business already making money.

Naturally, monk mode came easier to me as I already had the basic infrastructure set up. A badass garage gym, a nice private office space with a view, and lots of energy. Having said this, you do not need this to succeed, this is just an ideal scenario.

Building The Physicality

For the first time in many years, I ‘lean-bulked’ for many months. I was following a program called Shortcut To Size by Jim Stoppani (great program!) and managed to pack on a whopping 20 pounds of muscle, which I was very proud of. If you’ve read any of my blog posts in the past, you’ll know that I’ve been lifting for a long time already, so that’s a pretty major accomplishment.

I actually returned to my local gym recently, and noticed how much bigger I was compared to everyone else – most men unsurprisingly lost muscle due to COVID. It was a pretty good feeling.

Towards the end of this Monk Mode period, I also invested some extra cash into improving my style. This means nice shirts, some nice boots, and some other trainers. All these shoes have a good heel on them, meaning an extra couple of inches in height (a useful tip for improving your looks).

Building The Business

Again, I was in a very fortunate position whereby COVID didn’t affect my business too much (it did a little), and this meant that I could just spend lots of time in my home office focusing on business projects without a huge amount of pressure.

As the year progressed, I gained several high ticket clients, started to gain a lot more traffic from SEO, and I now have a second Twitter account (Testosterone Tips) that’s bringing in a little more diversification in terms of income streams.

Monk Mode Requirements

Let’s talk about the basics first.

What Is Monk Mode

The Monk Mode Mindset

The most important thing, is that you get the right mindset down. You can’t be like the typical dude who chases the ‘instant gratification’ lifestyle. That’s all short-term, no long-term benefits. Monk Mode is almost the opposite of this.

Instant gratification can be useful when it serves as a reward for hard work and success, but when it’s an actual lifestyle? It leads to nothing but regret, unhappiness, and eventual depression.

One of the biggest ways to avoid this, is to do semen retention (or something similar) while going Monk Mode. The reality with retaining your powerful sexual energy is that not only do you become more productive and effective, but that the entire Monk Mode period is more enjoyable.

You actually gain pleasure from working, training, and learning.

It’s the only guaranteed path to getting the right mindset for Monk Mode that I’m aware of. The only other ones would be cutting back on alcohol/weed if you currently do loads of them, or getting your testosterone fixed if you’re really low (get a blood test!)

Physical Exercise

This is non-negotiable.

It’s a well-known fact that the majority of high-powered CEO’s like to do daily exercise, with the vast majority of them choosing to do this in the morning. Why?

Increased blood flow to the brain, consistent daily energy levels, and better clarity of thinking. Exercise is a brain hack, and literally makes you smarter.

Having Written Goals

My advice is not to focus on these goals every single day and put loads of pressure on yourself. I disagree with Grant Cardone’s advice of 10xing your goals, because that can quickly get discouraging when you realise you’re not going to become a multi-quadzillionaire with 4.3% body fat year round.

But I do think you should have these written down somewhere that you can see every day (in your working environment) so that you always have them as a ‘guidance tool’ if you get lost or lose focus.

Your goals serve as your life path, and prevent you from steering off course.

A High Energy Diet

What this really means, is a lack of digestive issues. Your stomach truly is your second brain, and if you’re constantly filling it with gluten, dairy, high glycemic index carbs or anything else that may cause problems, you’re just going to have brain fog.

You want the opposite of this. If you can combine morning cardio with the ideal diet for you, your brain is going to be on fire every day. This is what you need to get the most out of Monk Mode.

Monk Mode Rewards

You don’t want to go overboard with Monk Mode, and literally never relax.

I think the ideal balance for most people would be to either enjoy some nice wine or food in the evenings (I’d still avoid intolerances though as it can affect your sleep), or perhaps watch a couple of episodes of your favourite series.

I believe these can be enjoyable, without destroying your energy levels, testosterone, or your drive for success. Whereas things like porn, masturbation, or chasing women 24/7 will absolutely tank your inner life force.

Monk Mode Is Temporary

I don’t suggest doing this forever, like a lot of MGTOW guys would. I believe men and women are made for eachother, and are better together than apart.

But I also acknowledge that for many reasons, things are a lot harder for modern day men than they used to be. Economically, socially, sexually, everything. So spending periods of time in Monk Mode makes a lot of sense.

For me personally, I did about 9 months. But it could work really well just focusing for 2-3 months, before getting back to degenerate (and fun) activities like chasing tail, or travelling around Europe, partying etc.

The best lifestyle in my opinion, would be to alternate the two. Almost like how Tim Ferriss describes in the 4 Hour Work Week, with mini-retirements for several months at a time.

Anyway, let’s get into the 6 ways Monk Mode can massively impact your life.

6 Ways Monk Mode Will Transform Your Life

1. You Take Back Control Over Your Time

Time is your most important asset. It’s the only asset that is 100% finite.

With energy, you can always sleep, eat good food, or do semen retention. These will regenerate energy within you. With money, you can always make more.

With time? You can only spend it.

Which is why it’s so important that you don’t just spend your entire time on this earth chasing 6/10’s and getting a 95% rejection rate for these lower quality women. You need purpose. You need a mission. And in pursuing these things, a nice side benefit is that you get to build yourself in value so that you get 7’s and 8’s chasing you.

Think of the hours wasted in the clubs and the bars. Or approaching girls during the day. What does it add up to, 10 hours per week? Then add all the Tinder swiping on top. It’s almost like a part-time job! And this is completely ignoring the hundreds of dollars you spend in the process.

You need to take the control back and put yourself in the driving seat.

You can use this extra 15-20 hours per week in any way you like. It could be for your mission. But it could also be for a variety of hobbies, or learning a new skill. It could be to simply sleep and recover more, which would absolutely help with any bodybuilding or training goals you have.

2. Monk Mode Is A Chance To Reconnect With Your Mission

Having a purpose is at the core of being a man. It’s the same reason that it’s always men who are:

  • Inventing stuff.
  • Curious about space.
  • Looking to conquer new territories.
  • Build empires that last the test of time.

Women don’t have this ‘purpose gene’ built into them, but you do, and you need it in order to be happy. Your mission guarantees happiness, whereas women need to be ‘the cherry on top of the cake’.

Your mission provides the foundation to your life, women add the finishing touches.

3. You Can Become A Beast Physically

As a fitness model, I can tell you for a fact that you’re not going to achieve a high level of physicality by going out and getting drunk twice per week, staying up until late, or being hungover the next day.

Whether your ideal physicality is to be a fitness model, a pro fighter, or an NFL star. Doesn’t matter. The body requires a few physical baselines if you want to join the elite:

  • You need a calorie deficit in order to be lean
  • Sobriety is required in order to train at a high level
  • Building muscle mass requires time and momentum

The ‘chasing tail’ lifestyle at the weekends flies in the face of all of that. You won’t be able to burn fat and hit 10% body fat, you won’t gain muscle (without steroids), and you won’t be able to train and recover properly.

If you’d like to join the physical elite by getting down to 10% body fat, make sure you’re on my email list.

It’s the best place for all things fat loss, and improving your physical appearance – you will NOT find a better fat loss resource that’s FREE, on the entire internet. I mean that. Link is below:

    So all in all, Monk Mode provides you with that focused time to go out and pack on a load of muscle, burn some body fat, and do so with 100% efficiency.

    Most men have no idea what they’re capable of achieving, simply because they never truly tried in the first place (without allowing distractions to screw up their plans).

    Monk Mode

    4. You Can Become A Beast Financially

    This is actually the most commonly sought after benefit from going Monk Mode.

    Most guys use this time to build a business, or grow a current income stream they’re excited about. A passion project, if you will. Or it could just be time to learn more about various investments. Crypto, Gold, Real Estate, Silver, Foreign Currencies etc.

    Whatever it is, you now have the time to do it – see how everything links back to #1?

    Another major benefit is that you could learn a new transferable skill, in case you’re worried about job security and don’t want to go down the entrepreneur path. Maybe pick up some freelancer work on the side?

    There’s tons of options here, and I can tell you with 100% conviction, that you’re not going to be able to do all this on top of a 40 hr/week job, if you’re chasing tail every week. Go Monk Mode, and you suddenly have the time to build ‘back up buckets’ in your financial life.

    5. Monk Mode Is A Good Time To Free Yourself From Your Vices

    For a lot of guys, it’s not just women who are holding them back. It could be video games or alcohol or weed etc.

    For my personal Monk Mode journey, I wish I drank less alcohol, because I think my muscle gains would have been even more insane if I had. I also would have stayed leaner. Maybe got even more work done (although I can’t say that for certain).

    I’d like to blame the British winter, but I could just as easily had some kind of alcohol replacement which made me feel like I was drinking. Who knows.

    But if you do have some kind of addiction, going Monk Mode for a few months could provide you with a real opportunity to regain control over that thing.

    6. Enjoying Your Hobbies

    Finally, you’re going to have more time for your hobbies. Ideally, these should be away from women so that you can really enjoy them in the moment, without being distracted.

    Whether that’s working on cars, or playing golf, or MMA etc. Personally, I’d love to get back into MMA as I really enjoyed it when I was in Bulgaria for a few months. I think it’s a critical foundation for a man, as it teaches combat-readiness, and also male comradery, but that is just my opinion.

    Hobbies often allow you to regain perspective on life, and allow you to really enjoy the moment and gain clarity on everything. Hiking is a great one that can get you outdoors, burning calories, and in nature. Just be wary of the animals in certain parts of the US and Canada, and don’t go anywhere unarmed and alone!

    Nofap Monk Mode

    Monk Mode Suggestions

    Some baseline suggestions I would offer to you if you’re going to embark on a Monk Mode journey:

    • Have a strong emphasis on exercise AND cardio specifically
    • Set some real financial goals, including investing and saving (this allows you to really build for the future, which is something that women have a habit of getting in the way of)
    • Do semen retention and take it seriously (it’s the only way I’m aware of that will make you LOVE to work, and be simultaneously more productive)
    • Continue to socialise with those who are within your ‘inner circle’ – you don’t want to completely isolate yourself obviously, so spend quality time with your close friends and family – this will make Monk Mode more enjoyable

    How Long Should You Go Monk Mode?

    The honest answer, is “as long as you need to”.

    If your finances are in dire straights, this may be 6-18 months. If you’re obese, ditto.

    Whereas if your life is more or less in order, but you really just want to take it to that next level, you could get away with less than three months if you wanted to.

    But the truth is that it’s 100% up to you.

    I would also look at this as something that you can return to whenever you like. I personally like to go through phases. A few months in Monk Mode, and a few months in party/travel/fun/crazy mode. Each time you do it, you learn new tricks and hacks that will allow you to get the most out of each phase, for the least time and money spend.

    Most of all, have fun with the process! You only get one life.

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