Lose Weight Faster (5X), With This Psychological Hack


No, that’s not an exaggeration. You will lose weight faster if you simply master your own mind, first and foremost.

Mindset is incredibly powerful. It can be THE difference between a multi-millionaire fitness model, and a broke, overweight alcoholic, earning less than $30k a year.

Everything begins in the mind.

Lose Weight Faster

The Mindset Of Most Men

The thing that prevents most men in the modern era from reaching extreme levels of health and wealth, is the sheer level of comfort they have. Technology, safe environments, easy work, the ability to order everything online, simply leads to a ‘lazy lifestyle’.

And when men get too comfortable, they gain weight, lose testosterone, become less attractive, and stop increasing their incomes. These three ALL make fat loss more difficult, and exacerbate the issue. It’s a real problem.

Being comfortable makes you think you’re okay, when you’re really not. It lulls you into a false sense of security in terms of health and fitness (holy shit get a DEXA scan, that’ll wake you up), in terms of job security, and in terms of romantic relationships. Let me tell you something:

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is truly ‘secure’. Be it your job, your business, your gf/wife, your family & kids, your overall lifestyle and your posessions.

None of it. Because:

The moment you start to believe it’s all ‘secure’, is the moment you start getting comfortable and declining, and it’s also the moment you start undermining any level of security you actually had.

Comfort = Defense, and over time, decline.

Discomfort = Offense, and fuel for growth, over time.

And fuelling your offensive action is the best hope you have of maintaining high levels of security (although it will never be 100%).

So how do you ensure an offensive approach to life, so that you lose weight faster, and enjoy greater security of health, wealth and relationships?

You MUST Find That In Life Which Angers You

Anything that angers/bothers/frustrates you, or simply leaves you feeling a little uneasy, is what you need to find and USE to your advantage.

It’s this DISCOMFORT that leads to so many long-term benefits.

This stuff is the FUEL for growth, security, freedom, abundance, and maximum fat loss. Without it, fat loss becomes 5X more difficult, because the alluring ‘comfort’ temptations will always feel much stronger than your own drive.

This includes things like alcohol, parties, meals with clients, meals out on trips etc. I’m not joking:

ALL of these obstacles become MILES easier, once you’ve got the correct fuel powering your fat loss journey.

So what kinds of things anger you? I’ll give you some potential examples:

  • Does your family have a history of diabetes? Could YOU get diabetes in the next 10 years if something doesn’t change? Could you DIE?! Use it as fuel for RAPID fat loss.
  • Does one of your friends look better than you and get more female attention/admiration? Use it as fuel to lose weight faster, gain muscle, and take your style to a 10/10. Check out my training programs for maximum muscle gain.
  • Did you grow up poor? Did you feel hard done by as a kid? Use it as fuel for hard work and discipline.
  • Does your boss infuriate you on a regular basis and try to ‘put you down’ all the time? Use it as fuel for a side hustle.
  • Does your gf/wife do stuff occasionally that annoys you? Does she flirt with (or text) other guys? Use it as fuel for looking like a fitness model, and then dump her.
  • Does it annoy you that THAT guy gets to live in a mansion and drive a lambo? Use it as fuel for income growth.
  • Did you get your BMI measured and have the result come out as ‘officially obese?’ Use it as fuel for long-term, sustainable weight loss (and get a personalised meal plan).

If you really dig down and find YOUR personal pain point – that which angers you and you cannot accept living your life as it currently is, knowing that this is your reality…THAT is when you’re about to change your life drastically, and you’ll start to see some forward momentum very soon.

However, you must also maintain your offensive position at all times. Because if you don’t, it’s all too easy to slip back into ‘comfort mode’ (read: get fat and ruin your health).

Offense, to at least some degree, is the only acceptable position in life. Anything less than this will cause problems, long-term.

I can guarantee it.

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