The ONE Way To Dramatically Boost Testosterone


Boost Testosterone

You’re a man. I’m a man. We both want to boost testosterone in any way we can.


Well, because it quite literally leads to a better life. It gives you more energy, more motivation, more drive, more muscle mass & strength, and it gives you more pleasure from building businesses, working, growing, being productive etc.

It’s nice.

But the problem is that most men are never going to experience ANY of this, because they’re addicted to porn, alcohol or video games, they rarely get laid, or they don’t lift weights often enough.

It’s a shame to see that American men’s testosterone levels have been falling by 1% per year (on average) since the 1980’s. Millenials are incredibly effeminate, live with their parents WAY too long, and have a victim/blame mindset. So low testosterone is affecting men of ALL ages.

I gave six potential solutions in this article here, which I think you may find useful.

But today, I’m going to talk IN-DEPTH about the biggest solution of all of them. This is THE testosterone boost of all T-boosters.

Let’s delve into it.

Sleep 8-9 Hours Per Night, Every Night At The Same Time, In Order To Boost Testosterone

It’s not that sexy, right?

But I’m telling you, your entire life will change for the better if you make this a priority. Most people are quite literally DESTROYING their testosterone, drive, sex appeal, and income-potential by staying up too late to watch TV, binging on Netflix or some other nonsense.

And I don’t want to hear about rare exceptions of CEO’s who succeeded in spite of sleeping less.

Are YOU making 7 figures?

Are YOU bench pressing 275 pounds?


Well then, get your testosterone levels up, sleep more, and you might have a shot at those things. Because you’re clinically insane if you try to imply that sleeping 5 hours is superior to 9.

Your physique will improve SO much faster if you get your sleep up from 5-6 hours, to 8-9 hours. Muscle gain comes easier. Fat loss and staying satiated comes easier. You won’t crave sugar anywhere near as much.

It truly is a life hack.

So what are my practical tips for getting this sorted in your life?

Get Your Testosterone Into The 800-1200 Range

This is the Golden Range all men should be shooting for if they want a life of good health, muscle mass, easier fat loss, and greater productivity.

But how do you sleep more and get closer to this goal?

  • Set an alarm for the same time every morning, 7 days of the week
  • Exercise (cardio or weights) every day – your sleep quality will be much deeper
  • Get blue-light-blocking glasses to help your brain to wind down in the evening
  • Take 400mg magnesium citrate 30 mins before bed
  • Set a reminder to STOP what you’re doing, and get ready for bed IMMEDIATELY

Yes, it’s an urgent priority. The quality of your future depends on it.

Take me as an example. I get up at 6am, every morning. If I want to get 8.5-9 hours of sleep every night, I need to be fast asleep by ~9:30pm. And quite often this take me ~30 minutes or so. Therefore, I set my reminder for 8:45pm every night so I have time to brush my teeth etc.

You may not need to get up (or go to sleep) as early, so adjust accordingly.

Simply having this reminder and sticking to it, has the potential to change your life.

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