13 Legitimate Testosterone Boosters

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So I had a pretty popular tweet the other day that had some great feedback from you guys on recovery techniques that work to help you to relax after a long day, lower cortisol and work as real life testosterone boosters.

The issue with high stress levels is of course that it’s:

A) Terrible for your health and will kill you, but also;

B) You will lose testosterone, particularly if you’re over age 40, and finally;

C) You will lose muscle, find it harder to lose fat, and your appearance will suffer.

These 13 testosterone boosters will all work to some degree, and the degree to which they work will depend on your lifestyle, age and preferences.

Testosterone Boosters

In no particular order, lets’ go:

How To Boost Testosterone

#1 – Sleep

This one beats ANY testosterone supplements.

Sleep is absolutely crucial as it’s your body’s key, natural ‘healer’. It’s always been obvious to me being a ‘fitness guy’, that the ‘hustle mindset‘ and implying the sacrificing your 7-8 hours of sleep could ever possibly be a good thing, is complete insanity.

If you’re over age 40 and want to increase testosterone, sleep is absolutely number one.

Get your 7-8 hours every night without fail, and watch your energy, strength and hormonal health sky-rocket.

#2 – Sex

We all need sex – there’s no point kidding ourselves on this.

I’ve tweeted before about how both carbs and sex are similar in the sense that they both make us want to sleep afterwards. Take advantage of this, and have a little of both (not too many carbs) before bed.

Furthermore, yes a lack of sex will absolutely negatively impact your testosterone levels.

MANY studies have been done on Men Over 40 simply flirting with younger women and then measuring their testosterone levels. Crazy results.

Bottom line: You don’t need testosterone pills, you need to get laid with hot females.

Increase Testosterone

#3 – Massages

You could perhaps combine this with #2, or not. Up to you.

But powerlifters have been having deep tissue massages post-workout for donkeys years, and it’s one of the most powerful testosterone boosters out there.

Reducing anxiety, muscular tension and stress are just some of the benefits to having massages on a semi-regular basis. I would time these after your highest volume workouts during any given training block to maximise recovery.

#4 – Sauna

This is one I’ve been using more recently after each heavy lifting session, due to upgrading gyms.

Saunas will help to increase your circulation, and when used in conjunction with Intermittent Fasting, can be a potent duo for flushing out toxins from your body.

#5 – Steam

The steam room is similar to the sauna, and they are often used in conjunction with eachother.

Improved cardiovasular health is one of the benefits, assuming you use them in moderation and don’t push it too far.

#6 – Hot Tub/Jacuzzi

Who doesn’t love the hot tub for de-stressing?

If you have the money to get your own and then combine this with #2, you can have a lot of fun.

And relaxation, of course.

#7 – Reading

In my old age I appear to be getting boring. Clubs and bars just aren’t interesting at all.

And they’re terrible for de-stressing and recovering, as alluring as they may be. The alcohol, late nights and busy social events are the last thing you need at the end of the week if you value your health and appearance.

I would much rather read a useful book (fiction or non-fiction) with a glass or two of red wine (and yes, alcohol in moderation appears to be pretty helpful for your health – check out P.D Mangans Anti-Aging Masterclass for more information).

Reading helps your brain to relax (and it promotes #1), stay sharp with age, and become more intelligent. Red wine is just awesome.

#8 – Nature

Getting out into nature has the dual benefits of lowering stress levels (we were desgined for this, not being in densely populated places all the time – which may be okay for younger people but not Men Over 40), and also increasing calorie expenditure.

Once of the biggest things I recommend clients do is to go for daily walks.

#9 – Dogs

This was a popular one on Twitter, and I can see why, anecdotally.

Plus, there have been studies done on this – people simply feel better after playing with and interacting with, pets.

#10 – Red Wine

This is a personal favourite of mine – especially when enjoyed with other people and good food.

Now by good food, I DO NOT mean junk food. I mean red meat and veggies, OR some Italian food – something that offers some value.

Plus with friends, family and good conversation, it can add to the experience. But you’ve got to keep it in moderation, and make sure it’s not right before bedtime – I’m getting better with this in my old age (hehe).

Following on nicely…

Increase Testosterone

#11 – Red Meat

Ground beef, steak, liver. They all have a ridiculous amount of protein, micronutrients and recovery benefits.

Get more of them in your diet if you want to lose fat with ease, gain more muscle and maintain testostosterone as you age.

#12 – Magnesium

This has to be one of the best actual ‘sleep enhancers’, and I’ve been told (by trustworthy sources) that the absorbtion rate is better when you soak your feet or entire body in it, than just taking the tablets.

This is one of the legitimate testosterone boosters on the market. Find out more here.

#13 – CBD Oil

Admittedly, I’m not the most clued up on this one, but my sources tell me that it’s excellent for recovery, Central Nervous System relaxation and reduction in anxiety levels.

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