How To Lose Weight Whilst Still Drinking Beer


If you like beer and drink it at least semi-regularly, then most diets (which will cut out alcohol completely) will likely fail for you within the first 3 weeks or so. Losing weight is SO EASY, you just have to slowly coax your body and your brain into doing so.

Sustainability is what dieting is all about, and a key component of sustainability is not changing anything too quickly. Your body loves homeostasis.

As we have discussed previously, total calorie balance is the most important variable in determining your body composition. Therefore, as long as you stick to the correct calorie balance, you can drink beer every day if you want to.

Weight Loss
Greek Beer!

A word of caution however; I would make sure that you are hitting your protein requirements and fruit/vegetable requirements first, then feel free to fill some of the remainder with alcohol.

Just be aware of the trade-off between happiness and hunger. When losing weight, the vast majority of people fail because of cravings and temptations. These are psychological failures – you are not physically hungry.

This is why ensuring that you are happy when dieting, i.e making it as enjoyable as possible is so important. BUT, if you do find that you are genuinely hungry when losing weight, you need to either slow down and decrease the deficit OR increase your protein intake.

Protein increases satiation (therefore decreasing hunger).

Alcohol does the opposite (generally speaking).

So if you do choose to consume alcohol fairly regularly, just be aware of the trade-off particularly as you start to get leaner. By default, the leaner you are the more restrictive you will need to be to continue to make progress in terms of weight loss.

Having said this, for most people trying to lose weight, I feel that there needs to be a focus on happiness. People give in to temptations and cravings because their diets are too restrictive. Feeling deprived causes you to lose control. However, if you treat yourself on a daily basis, the cravings never become strong enough to cause you to lose control. Consuming some beer and carbs tends to leave the dieter much happier 🙂

This means for most dieters:

  • Eat a bit less protein, and more carbs (for your optimal number of calories)
  • Do some cardio, possibly a bit more than you are doing currently – this gives more room for error
  • Treat yourself every evening (some evenings this could be a drink) – get your veg in first though, they’re very nutrient dense and cost you very few calories
  • Eat as “clean” as possible during the day, and leave the treats till later




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  1. Most people tend to do nothing fun during the week and then completely binge on the weekends. Then cock up their diets and give up. Good advice here and it links in with the work/life balance that I used to get horribly wrong!

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