How Do I Lose Weight? You Must Stop Looking For That ONE THING!


How Do I Lose Weight?


























This post was inspired by Paul Revelia’s “How Do I Lose Weight?” YouTube video, which can be found here:


How Do I Lose Weight? 2 Easy Steps


Essentially, Paul was given some stick on one of his videos for giving the truth about fat loss, and evidence-based approaches to fat loss. There were some frustrated people who were annoyed that he was knocking what they believed to be the truth.


The problem with most people, is that they’ve been brainwashed by the marketing of the supplement industry (thanks again supplement industry), with claims such as the following:


“Lose 15 pounds in 15 days!” or, 


“Get that 6 pack in 6 weeks!” or,


“Gain 25 pounds of rock solid muscle in just 2 months!”


Obviously this is completely false, but to beginners, this may sound like a realistic sounding promise. Then to have someone come along and shit all over their dreams will rattle their cages and upset their egos. Not to fear however, fat loss isn’t that complicated. All it requires is that you give it more time.


The problem is that these (false) claims are then always backed up by the ONE THING that causes such miraculous results. Whether it’s a certain diet, a certain food, supplement (most often), training strategy, weightlifting routine or whatever, when the reality, as you will see further down the page, is that there are many things that lead to weight loss. These many things also take a lot longer than newbies expect them to. Especially if they want to do it properly and actually sustain their weight loss.


This is another problem actually – the supplement industry actively perpetuates the cycle of unsustainable diets. This is often with claims based on false timeframes. But then there’s also false/misleading marketing coming from low carb diets about the magical effects upon insulin, which are just SIMPLY WRONG. But I digress.


Paul talks in the video about how crucial momentum is, and that given enough time, momentum kind of builds upon itself. I’ve definitely found this to be true. So if you’re currently struggling to lose fat, don’t worry, keep plugging away and you’ll see results soon. Weight loss is NEVER linear, always remember that.


How Do I Lose Weight?


Whenever people ask me about losing weight, it always seems so obvious to me. But I have to remember their expectations have been horribly skewed by the lies of the supplement industry, so time and hard work need to be emphasised, then it’s more or less:


  • Clean up your diet
  • Get all crap out of your cupboards
  • Be in charge of your food shop, and only food shop when you’re full already (not hungry ffs!)
  • Start Intermittent Fasting the proper way
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Eat more protein (if you’re not already indoctrinated by the supplement industry in regards to protein intake)
  • Drink WAYYY more water, ideally with each meal
  • Have some caffeine in the mornings
  • Make sure your sleep is consistent
  • Sort your cardio plan out – diet comes first though, it’s about 80% of your results!


But just remember about the concept of momentum. It always takes longer than you think, but once you gather some momentum things get easier. You become more motivated, your fat starts melting away and your cardio sessions start to feel easier and easier.


Keep plugging away and remember to ignore all bullshit claims from the supplement industry!


Get to work 🙂


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