3 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight


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You’ve lost a bit of weight and it was great, for a while. But you’ve stalled and can no longer lose weight. You miss looking in the mirror every morning and seeing those positive changes. You miss the elated feelings of self-confidence and self-improvement. You miss starting the day positively, every single morning, thinking how great you look.


They were good times. Unfortunately though, you’ve stalled for whatever reason, and have possibly even regained a load of your weight, backpedalling on your previous progress. Not good. How do we go about getting that fat loss ball rolling again?


Let’s get to it.


Stop Listening To Idiots!


It’s a major problem as the marketing becomes more and more exaggerated, trying to out-do previous advertising campaigns and out-do other similarly full-of-**** marketers. Fat loss is like anything else – it takes time. Building a business takes time. Building a muscular physique takes time. Losing fat in a sustainable fashion takes time.


The thing is, if you try to take shortcuts with any of the above, you sabotage yourself. You must always pay your dues, otherwise you end up getting slapped in the face by reality.


Try to grow a business rapidly without knowing how to sell/market/copywrite, and you won’t sustain the growth. Winning the lottery without knowing how to save and invest is a recipe for disaster & wastage. Trying to lose fat quickly, or by removing an entire macronutrient, or any other extreme endeavour will always end in failure, especially if you don’t learn how to eat all three macronutrients in moderation.


In the case of the lottery, free stuff corrupts people. It’s not earned, so people don’t know how to utilise it properly. They just grow to expect more. The human brain does not know how to process free stuff. Free stuff doesn’t exist in nature, therefore it corrupts the human brain. Whether it’s free money, a big welfare state, free upgrades, free holidays, free fat loss (just take this ONE pill…) the human brain doesn’t understand it. It just expects more free stuff and gets upset when the free stuff ends & stops working.


In the case of fitness, people go on steroid cycles just to lose most of the muscle they gained when they come off, as they don’t know enough about training and nutrition. In the case of fat loss specifically, people slash their calories or eliminate carbs, but then regain all the fat back as they haven’t taught themselves self-control and how to eat sensibly.


You must work for the good stuff. Nothing comes free. There is no such thing. There is no magical pill – you must work hard. Very hard.


I get it, carbs, even low-sugar variations, are more addictive and “binge-triggery” than fats and protein – of course they are. But the solution is not to eliminate them. Carbs will always be a part of your life, so denying reality by eliminating them simply screws you over in the long-term when you (inevitably) re-introduce carbs and (inevitably) gain all of the fat back. Instead, learn how to eat carbs properly without being immature about your eating habits.


I realise that these habits may be partly your parents faults (all the way back to when you were a child) and our obsessively consumerist society definitely plays a HUGE part, but it’s up to you to reverse this, like I did. They can’t save you. Only you can.


Learn to eat properly, learn to ignore the ****heads with dreamy-sounding fat loss claims.


You’re Wasting Calories At Breakfast


Breakfast, contrary to popular belief, is not the most important meal of the day. It just isn’t. You will grow big and strong (and lean) without it. Look at me for starters.


Honestly, if you want to lose weight, you need to stop screwing your diet up and increase your diet adherence. That’s pretty simple. But how exactly do we increase diet adherence? There are many ways. But one enormous one is to shift your morning calories further back in the day. Calories consumed in the morning are a waste.




Because nobody screws up their diet in the morning. It’s always:


  • When they get home after a stressful day at work
  • When they’re out for a meal
  • When they’re out with their friends
  • When they’re getting drunk
  • When they are at a family event, or have people over, or whatever
  • When their kids are stressing them out after getting in from school, or after school sports, or whatever


And how many of the above are in the mornings? None. If you want to stop messing up and increase your diet adherence, there are many things to do. But the BIG ONE that will make about 80% of your improvements will be to stop wasting your calories on breakfast. Instead, shift them into the afternoon/evening, like you do with Intermittent Fasting.


It doesn’t involve starving yourself, or even changing your macronutrients. It just requires a gradual shift; a shift that grants you more dietary freedom, and thus, adherence.


You Have No Idea How Useful A Tool Water Can Be To Lose Weight


Combining the above point about shifting calories further backwards with drinking more water, and you’ve got a potent mix, perfectly crafted for getting you feeling as full as possible on as few calories as possible. This is pretty much the “secret” to improving diet adherence.


Eat more calories in one sitting. Eat more calories in the evening (and less in the morning). Drink a LOT more water when you do eat.


In fact, you need to drink at least a pint of water before you pick up the fork and start chowing down on your food. Get the water in first dammit!! That way you will be much more controlled when you do get to the food you’ve been hungry for/craving.


Water will make you feel fuller, end of story. You’re a fool if you don’t take advantage of this great tool. Sure, you’ll be weeing more frequently. It’s annoying. But it’s far better than being overweight.




The 3 reasons you’re not losing fat are:


  1. Your expectations are still skewed by idiots
  2. You’re wasting calories at breakfast, when you don’t actually need them
  3. You’re not taking advantage of water and feeling full


Address them all, and you will be at a significant advantage to your previous self. You will get that fat loss ball rolling again in no time at all, and will be seeing those results you’ve always dreamed of.


Get to work!


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