3 Tricks To Enable You To Drink Alcohol And Lose Fat


Lose Fat


Let me start off by saying that drinking alcohol in a deficit is never ideal, and should be avoided whenever possible, especially when you want to lose fat. If you can get away with a non-alcoholic drink, then do that. Try your best to avoid alcohol. The reasons are obvious, but I’ll briefly glance over them:


  • Alcohol calories will act the same as other calories, in that they have the potential to be stored as fat, jut like the three main macronutrients. However, instead of making you feel full and satiated, alcohol will make you feel hungrier.
  • Instead of adding micronutrients and essential vitamins to your body, it depletes them of these.
  • Instead of increasing your hydration, it decreases hydration.
  • Instead of aiding your recovery from training sessions, it ruins your recovery.
  • Instead of making you sleep better, it makes you sleep worse. Passing out from drunkenness doesn’t equal good sleep. Far from it.


With all that said, I realise there are certain occassions where you may want to drink, and it may seem a little weird to completely refuse drinks from other people. Certain celebrations, birthdays, weddings etc. may not be worth being a strict little drill sergeant with your diet.


So, how do we go about doing this successfully?


Plan Ahead


Ah, here we go again. It all comes down to preparation. I have found that the best things that you can possibly do are:


  1. Morning cardio
  2. Hit your protein and fibre goals hours before you even think about drinking
  3. Drop your carbs and fats a little (depending on how much cardio you did)


Morning cardio will give you a lot more breathing room. A lot more room for error. And it does this without sacrifing your protein intake, fiber or micronutrients. You can have a decent amount of food and still be in a deficit. Obviously the more you plan on drinking, the more cardio you will need to do.


In addition, if you want to lose fat without losing muscle, you will need to smash that protein goal. Anyone can simply starve themselves all day and then get drunk and still lose weight, but this is hardly a win if you lose all that precious muscle tissue and can no longer bench press the bar.


You will also probably be very ill the next day if you get drunk with no food in your stomach. You’ll be so depleted of nutrients you’ll take a while to get back to normal. I’ve done it before – it’s not pretty :/


Now, you will need to drop your carbs and/or fats a little, depending on your overall caloric balance. It’s difficult to predict exactly how many alcohol calories you’re going to consume later, but I would always assume you’re going to drink a little more than you initially expect to. So, take these calories away from your carbs/fats (minus the extra cardio you did in the morning).


This is why the extra cardio is crucial; it means you don’t have to dig into your actual food too much.




This is a bit of a pain; it screws up your eating schedule a little and also gives you more cardio to recover from than usual. This is why this should not be a regular thing, and should be used sparingly. It can be done, as long as it’s the rare occassion rather than the norm.


Doing the whole Ibiza party 24/7 thing is a recipe for muscle loss. But hopefully by now that much is obvious to you, and your fat loss goals are too important to compromise on.


Anywyay, good luck, and if you absolutely have to drink on a diet in the future, refer back to this article.


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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