How To Lose Weight Without Being Boring And Having No Life


Lose Weight


I always remember a friend of mine announcing that he was getting shredded for the summer. I was also looking to get nice and lean, I remember it well. It was almost a bit of friendly competition, which can often be a useful thing.


As we were a part of the same friendship group, we would often have invitations to nights out, summer barbecues and other events. Sometimes we played golf during the day, sometimes it would just be to watch football with a few beers, and others it was to go out and have a wild night.


One boiling hot July afternoon, we were in Manchester enjoying a nice barbecue, getting the tan on and enjoying a few beers and chicken burgers (not your super-high fat ones). At least I was. He was fretting over every morsel of food, claiming that he had “already hit his calorie limit” after one chicken burger and some cous cous.


Our friends were mocking him and throwing beers in his face (not literally) and teasing him. He had absolutely no chance maintaining this all summer. No chance. I, on the other hand, was only just getting started. I had had a few pieces of fruit at lunchtime, but other than that, I hadn’t eaten. I therefore had another 2200 calories left(!)


I then proceeded to have multiple chicken (high-protein) burgers, platefuls of salad and cous cous, and three beers. All easily within my caloric budget. It was a great, low-stress, high enjoyment afternoon for me. Life is good.


The contrast between the two approaches is day and night.


Flexibility Is What Allows You To Lose Weight AND Have A Life


Specifically, you need to allow yourself to have more calories in the afternoons/evenings by Intermittent Fasting, and also be flexible with your macronutrient intake. Some days you will be really “clean” and get a really high protein intake. Just accept that others won’t be quite as high on the protein scale.


With protein, you can always make up for it the next day. Because it takes a long time to digest it tends to stick around in your stomach for a while, and your body doesn’t really operate around a 24 hour clock. Your body doesn’t give a shit. It will use the protein when it wants. Therefore, there is no real rush to cram in a certain amount every single day. If you don’t get enough, relax, and get more in the next day.


Same thing with carbs. Some days will be higher carbs than others, no big deal. Total calories are always more important.


You Can Drink Alcohol


Drinking alcohol is fine, as long as:


A) It’s within your caloric budget, and

B) It’s not too often


Do it every day and you’re going to run into muscle maintenance problems and recovery problems. It’s BOUND to happen.


Whereas if it’s once or twice per week and it’s only a few drinks, you can definitely still get shredded doing that. However for Men Over 40 I would be very careful. Rememeber that your margin for error gets narrower as you get older, so the rest of your game has to be really tight. Remind yourself of how important your ideal physique is to you, and re-assess the decision on whether or not to drink.


How badass will you look with your muscles looking sharper?


How masculine will you look with a chiselled jawline and no chubby cheeks?


How great will you feel when you finally smash that weight loss goal?


Yeah, be careful if you’re an older guy. You can always drink a little more when you’ve already hit your fat loss goal and have entered maintenance mode.




Whilst “The Best Of Both Worlds” may not be entirely accurate, you can have both and succeed to some degree in both. You can’t have the party life of a rockstar and still lose weight. I don’t recommend getting drunk. But you can enjoy yourself on a semi-regular basis whilst still losing a bunch of weight.


It’s not actually that difficult at all. I’m just biased as I’ve been doing it for a long time now. If you’ve never done it before, it may be difficult at first timing everything properly and getting to know which foods fill you up better than others, but once you get going, you’ll be in the cruising phase. You’ll be flying before you know it.


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