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Men Over 40


Most of my readers are Men Over 40, therefore I have made sure to tailor a significant percentage of my articles to Men Over 40. There are plenty of younger men too, and they can definitely benefit from the FAB System and coaching, so there is some variety in the content.


Nevertheless, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most valuable articles for Men Over 40 who have the typical problems of:


  • Lower testosterone
  • Greater catabolism
  • More stressful lifestyles and greater overhead
  • Working longer hours
  • Have yo-yo dieted in the past, and now want consistent results


Men Over 40 have a very real tightrope that narrows as they get older, a tightrope that is much easier to navigate when younger. This is especially true when these guys are busy, and are also attempting to lose weight.


These articles will shed some light on the many solutions available to you if you are in the Men Over 40 category. It’s time to lose that unwanted fat, this time forever. No more yo-yo dieting, no more suffering. Instead, eliminate that beer belly and sharpen that jaw line.


Also feel free to check out my weekly Men Over 40 resources series. Every week I sit down and pick out the best resources my weekly subscriptions supply me with. These are resources that will help you in all areas, but fitness is still the primary focus.


For now, enjoy reading:


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