Announcement: The Ultimate 36 Hour Fasting Lifestyle Manual

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(Note: this was an email I sent out to the list a few days ago, and I realised that a lot of my Twitter followers won’t have seen it and would probably benefit from it).

I’ve hinted over the past couple of emails that this has been coming.

But I’ve noticed a shift in my audience over the past few years, especially with those who have been doing Intermittent Fasting for some time, but have not yet hit their physique goals.

Often these men fit into at least one of the following categories:

1. Men Over 40

2. Over 20% body fat

3. Have been following 16/8 fasting and have lost some weight, but they’re still a long way from their ideal (often a muscular 12% body fat or so).

There’s many problems that these guys face.

Quite often they’re stuck at around 25% with no momentum.

Often they’re trying to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, when I think you should really force the issue with fat loss first, then focus on building a little muscle (if you’re in the 20%-30% bf range).

I have something here that I believe will solve all of the above problems, as it’s something that’s guaranteed to destroy fat loss plateaus but in a sustainable, repeatable way.

This is something I’ve seen a lot of Men Over 40 have HUGE success with.

Guys inside the 60 Day Challenge have been losing 3+ lbs per week doing this.

Here it is:

This is NOT just 36 hr fasts, it’s the weekly lifestyle set up that kicks you out of homeostasis, and into ‘fat burning mode’.

It forces the calorie deficit, but in a way that doesn’t damage your overall fat loss mission.

It also has a huge range of benefits from enhanced Human Growth Hormone levels, to lower inflammation, to increasing the likelihood of living a sugar free lifestyle (with black coffee especially) etc.

“But isn’t this the same as Extended Fasting?”

Extended Fasting is fantastic, but it’s not a sustainable lifestyle.

It’s a kickstart to the fat loss journey for heavily overweight men, but you cannot fast for 3-7 days every single week because you’ll just lose muscle and cause more problems than you solve.

The 36 Hour Fasting Lifestyle is a repeatable weekly system to follow that DESTROYS fat loss plateaus, and you keep doing this every week until you’re 15% bf.

Way too many of you are just coasting right now.

You’re comfortable on 16/8 fasting, but you’re not getting below the 20% bf mark.

You need to kick things into action.

And this is what the 36 hr fast does (when you do it properly).

What You Get Inside

  • The psychological & emotional barriers to 36 hour fasting, and 20 different strategies on how to overcome them (everything begins in the mind…conquer your mind and you’ll conquer the fast)
  • The logistical set up you need to have to avoid distractions and temptations
  • The supplements and liquids you need to consume to maintain energy, focus, and minimise hunger
  • How to transition out of this fast to ensure you don’t regain any fat (just ~1-1.5lbs of water weight) – this is the most critical section
  • How specifically to incorporate this into your lifestyle (based on your overall weekly set up, your current bf %, how ambitious your goals are etc.)
  • How to NOT lose muscle mass – this is the second most critical section

On top of this, I’ve included the following bonuses (take advantage of them!!):

  1. A free 30 minute consultation call with me where you can fire away as many questions as you like. From my experience these calls are most useful for you when you’ve got the questions written down in advance.
  2. A free 20 minute podcast from IFFT – “Supplements For Men Over 40” – this is a ‘how-to’ podcast that focuses on exactly what you should be taking for optimal health, and rapid fat loss within an Intermittent Fasting context. You’re going to need these to stop your testosterone from declining and also to burn more fat in a calorie deficit (and less muscle). Important stuff.

You’re also getting a lifetime guarantee with this product, so if you’re not happy with the product & bonuses, you get your money 100% refunded.

It’s available for pre-order right now, and the bonuses are available immediately.

You can pre-order below (price will be shooting up on Sunday 17th April, so get in on the early bird sale):

The Ultimate 36 Hour Fasting Lifestyle Manual

Love you all,


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