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Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

A while ago, I gave you an insight into a typical day of eating for my Intermittent Fasting 16:8 Lifestyle – that which allows me to stay at 10% body fat year-round, assuming I do not want to lean-bulk or gain any weight/muscle.

It’s a great place to be; to effortlessly look great every single month of the year, no rebounding, no stress, no yo-yo-ing or any of that nonsense.

Now it’s time to give an overview of the typical week.

Intermittent Fasting 16:8 Lifestyle: Full Week Of Eating

Again, I’m going to have to throw a few caveats in here:

  1. Because of the nature of my job (working for an airline), every week is different.
  2. Blocks of short-haul flights mean I have weeks that resemble the typical 9-5 lifestyle more closely.
  3. Long-haul weeks mean that it’s all over the bloody place.

So I’ll give you a brief overview of a typical “short-haul week”, then I’ll delve into the long-haul, travel-heavy stuff where it starts to get a little more complicated.

Intermittent Fasting 16:8 Lifestyle: Short-Haul

So this is the kind of fasting schedule most of you will be familiar with – 9-5 (ish). It’s the usual high-stress working environment during the day, and in the evenings, especially on the weekends, you’re more likely to screw your diet up if you don’t have contingencies in place.

Here’s a week off:

Wake Up – 8am

I’ve found 8am to be the perfect wake-up time for me most of the year. I’m tempted to say that mid-summer, a little earlier may be better, but I’m not fully decided yet.

I will then sit down at my laptop and review goals, get prepared for the day, and have my first coffee.

Most Important Work – 8:30am

I will then get to work on the most important stuff for the day – this should always be done in the morning when you have most energy and enthusiasm, otherwise it won’t be to the highest of quality. For myself, this may include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging
  • Pilot stuff

And I’ll get this done quickly and efficiently. It’s very important.

Fruit Snack & Gym – 11:30am

For my fruit snack, usually it’s as simple as an apple and a banana. But sometimes I’ll get creative with blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and all sorts of nice stuff.

It’s an excellent way to push that first meal back further (after your coffees) and reduce your appetite.

Meal #1 – 1:30pm

Less Important Work – 2pm

Meal #2 – 4pm

Meal #3 – 7pm

And that’s pretty much how it will look for my days off. Now, days on…

Most short-haul flights depart between 5am and 9am every morning. This means I’ll be up from anything from 2am to 6am for most short-haul departures.

It’s a pain in the ass when you have back-to-back short-haul flights as it makes it very difficult to still get loads of work done on your online business (!) 🙁

But I always find a way, regardless.

But the challenge with my fasting schedule here is that:

  1. I’m up 2-6 hours earlier than usual (!)
  2. The plane food is complete shite

Now, seeing as I harp on about meal prepping so much on here, I think you know what the solution to number two is, right?


Take your own high-protein, low salt, low-processed-shit food (far better for your health and inflammation.)

In terms of the meal timings, I usually find that shifting the meals 1-3 hours forward works fine. I will often have a third coffee on days where I’m up stupidly early, and move my first snack to 8:30am, instead of 11:30. And then meal 1 at 10:30am instead of 1:30pm.

This works very well – and I’ll still have plenty of calories left for the early evening.

The Weekly Calendar

So what might this look like? Here’s an example:

Monday – Short-haul flight

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Short-haul flight

Friday – Short-haul flight

Saturday – Short-haul flight

Sunday – Off

The inconsistencies makes it trickier, but the key is to space out the coffees and the fruit snack a little more than usual in the early mornings (and have one extra coffee), and this way you’ll still have plenty of calories to play with later.

Intermittent Fasting 16:8 Lifestyle: Long-Haul

This is where it can get tricky with timezone differences etc.

On my days off, they will largely look the same as the days off with short-haul. I might be a bit zombie-like from jet-lag, but to be honest I don’t seem to suffer from it as badly as most do. I’m still perfectly functional the next day after returning home.

But in terms of days on, things look like this:

Wake Up – 5-6am

I have to get up a little earlier than on my days off, as check-in will be about 8-10am for most long-haul flights, and I’ll want to get my business work done first. However, it’s not as stupidly early as short-haul.

I will also have my typical 1-2 coffees at this time whilst I do the social media marketing, email marketing etc.

Check-In ~10am 

And then shortly after check-in, I’ll have my fruit snack. Then once on the flight, it’s much the same in terms of meal 1 and 2. The only problem is, there is only so much of my own food I can take. And on a 10 hour flight to LA, this is a slight problem, as it means I will have to have some shit, low fibre, low satiation plane food later on.

Ah well.

Then once we land downroute, we tend to go for a few drinks (as we’re now 8 hours behind, in the case of LA) and need to stay up in order to not completely screw up the next day due to jet lag.

So I’ll usually have a couple of glasses of red wine, and then have a 3rd meal. Technically, this will push me about 700 calories over my usual daily calorie budget, but I am also awake for an extra 6 hours or so (meaning you actually need an extra 25% calories). And then it will be a while until I next eat the following day.

The Following Day

If I’m in LA, or Vegas, I’ll usually wake up about 4am (because of the sheer time difference), and this is if I do everything right, sleep-wise, which I always do to be fair.

I’ll get up, grab a big black coffee, and do my most important work in the hotel room. Then I’ll have another big one, then smash the gym. The LA, Vegas, and Orlando hotels have very good gyms actually (I was pleasantly surprised), but the other destinations’ are pretty crap.

Cuba, Cancun and several other destinations are just dire, and once again, I have to plan meticulously in advance to avoid these problems.

After the gym, I’ll continue to finish the rest of my work off (I usually do an absolute boatload on trips, as I’m essentially getting paid good money to work on my side hustle when I’m down there), and then in the afternoon I might sunbathe and have another red wine or two.

The timings of meals 1 and 2 will be around 12pm and 6pm respectively. So not as early as short-haul, but not as late as days off. It’s difficult because your body clock is all over the place and doesn’t really know whether it’s hungry or not.

Sometimes you’ll get a sudden whack of hunger in the evenings, as your body realises “holy crap it’s midnight (to it) and you’ve still not had meal 2….what the f*** are you playing at you freak?!”

But I’ve found that 12pm and 6-7pm works well for my two main meals, often with a snack in between.

As always, coffee often saves the day appetite-wise – love it.

The only extra snacks I will take with me when travelling will be protein powder, and/or protein bars. Because I’m not as in control over my protein intake as I am when I’m at home, and fully able to cook:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Mackerel
  • Tuna

Whenever I want, I like to take supplements with me. I think it’s the only valid time to have protein supplements, and all other times I would choose to have food over protein powder. Read more about my travel experiences earlier this summer here.

The Take-Away

When you have a hectic travel schedule, and the gyms are often crap downroute, the key to not letting your fitness slide is to plan ahead.

If I know I’m off to Cancun next week, I’ll make damn sure I get all my gym sessions in earlier than ususal this week. I will also have my protein powder ready so I don’t fall short in that department. I will also make sure I have apples in (bananas don’t travel too well :/).

If I know I have a block of short-haul flights coming up, I’ll make damn sure I have a meal prep plan, and I’ll be meal prepping the night before, OR I’ll just do the entire lot the night before the beginning of the short-haul block.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

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