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One of my biggest pet peeves is listening to men talk about how “life is so hard”, or “I can’t” or “but X won’t let me”, or “you don’t understand”. Oh I understand fully. You have a negative attitude and pathetic drive.


This trend in guys is getting worse. A lot worse. We’re going to see a lot more of this defeatism before it gets any better, if ever. You see, it’s a self-confirming mindset to have. As soon as guys see problems start to arise, instead of facing them head on (like they should), they run away with their tails between their legs. This confirms that “life is difficult” and that “they can’t”. It’s negative mind programming, and it’s a difficult mental trap to escape from.


Guess what? The older you are, the more true this is – because you’ve been training yourself to think like this for such a long time. Far longer than a younger man has been doing. Guys who are under 25 whose brains are yet to finish developing fully have it easy. They can re-program any weaknesses. I know I have done. Older guys have it harder, but it’s still do-able.


How To Re-Program Your Mind For Achievement


Unless you are dead, there is always another way. This is a fact, and you need to internalise this.


Want to earn more money? There is always another way.


Not happy with your relationships? There is always another way.


Can’t lose fat? There is always another way.




You are literally imprisoned within your own stupid mind if you believe otherwise.


Money, relationships and fitness are challenging. There will always be challenges, it’s about expecting them and having contingencies in place for when they inevitably arise. Or, simply put, it’s how you deal with them that counts. Overcoming these inevitable challenges is what will allow you to “level-up” your lifestyle and constantly improve. You get limitless self-confidence and you become happier in the long-term from overcoming these challenges.


Making money requires blood, sweat and tears. Obviously work requires sacrifices. I think it’s the millenials who are more deluded on this front; older guys are usually fine in this area. Dealing with women is obviously going to involve risks so you need to be cautious. Fitness is very challenging, especially if we’re talking about lowering body fat levels, and especially if we’re talking about Men Over 40.


My point is clearly confirmed when you look around yourselves in the real world. How many people want to lose weight? The answer is most people. And how many of these actually lose weight successfully, and keep the weight off over the long-term? Very, very, very few.


I honestly congratulate you if you’ve lost weight in the past – you’re doing better than the vast majority of people. Well done, seriously. But you know deep down that regaining the weight does not make you happy. You just have to start the process over again – it’s a pain in the ass. I would know – I’ve done it before many times. Losing weight and keeping it off is clearly very difficult. But you can do it, and there is always another way if you fail.


Never ever give up.


How Exactly To Achieve Your Dreams


The simple answer: research, test, evaluate.


This means research a method of fat loss, test its’ effectiveness, evaluate the results. Rinse, recycle, repeat. But this is a huge warning:


The testing process takes time – it needs to work over the long-haul.


This is the same with making money and relationships. But with fitness, the dieting system you choose to follow needs to have proven itself over time. It needs to have given you maximum benefits with minimal problems for quite some time. With diets, we’re talking at least 6 months of minimal binging and maximum diet compliance. Otherwise it just ain’t gonna work for you in the long-term.


This is why when I say 30 day diets are complete and utter fads, I’m giving you the objective truth. Not many people in the fitness industry will do this – most are charlatans. Dieting success takes a lot longer than 30 days.


This is why so many people fail. And by fail, I mean they initially lose a load of weight but regain it all later. They have the wrong timelines attached to their goals, and they also think they can simply blast through their biological wiring with no problems whatsoever.


When you’re dieting, your biology is fighting you every step of the way; hence why it’s so damn hard.


But when you stall, there is always another way. For me in the past, I have had many “tricks” and “weapons” that have helped me to blast through plateaus, including:



I’m pretty sure I’m missing a couple, but this gives you an idea of the many “other ways” you can employ to achieve the physique of your dreams. There is always another way. Always.


Any excuse you make, there is always another guy who is older, worse-looking, or weaker than you who has achieved what you want to achieve. There is always another guy with the same limitations as you who has got what you need.


Get to work 🙂


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