The Ultimate Intermittent Fasting Course


Intermittent Fasting

You’re going to get something that many of you have been asking about for over a year.

I’ve created multiple training programs, varying based on demographics, and I’ve also created the Intermittent Fasting meal plans which have been ridiculously successful.

All of these have been building up to this monster project.

All of them have been ‘testing the waters’.

And now it’s time to step it up a level.

All of my current products are based on:

  • Intermittent Fasting 
  • Getting to a muscular, chiselled 10% body fat (or less) and looking like a male model
  • Experiencing maximum dietary and social freedom
  • Maximising natural testosterone levels – the 800-1200 range
  • The ability to lose fat & stay lean while travelling the world
  • Becoming brutally strong on the ‘Big Six’ 

And all of this serves to massively transform your life through improvements in your appearance, health and confidence.

They are excellent products, especially as an introduction.

But they don’t necessarily offer you a personalised, step-by-step path towards achieving the fitness life of your dreams (it’s pretty much impossible to do in Word or Excel format).

Finally I can show you how to get from where you are now, to a lean, chiselled, healthy physique.

YOUR version of ideal.

There’s a lot of content to unpack in this course, and there’s a lot of new stuff you’re going to discover, helping you to:

  1. Get down to 15% body fat for Men Over 40, and if you’re already there, 10% body fat.
  2. Get down to 10% body fat for ‘younger guys’, and if you’re already there, you’re going to get to ‘elite condition’
  3. Hit a 1.5* bodyweight bench press, a 2* bodyweight squat, a 2.5* bodyweight deadlift
  4. Build your own home gym and work up to the above numbers from your own home, without wasting precious time
  5. Optimise your health and energy – via your Intermittent Fasting food choices, supplements, sleep and much more

This is regardless of your current starting point. It’s all waiting for you.

This course is going to be many hours worth of content, and you’re essentially getting a step-by-step plan of attack for maxing out one of your two life baselines – fitness (the other being finances).

On top of this course, you also have 30 days (after its’ official release) to schedule a free day of email coaching with me.

You can ask me any questions ranging from home gyms, to post-workout nutrition, to bodyweight training, to TRT, to supplements etc.

PLUS, I will be doing EXTRA video content (on top of the current course content) based on all the questions I receive on the email coaching days. This content will really help you guys out if not immediately, then at some point in the future.

The approximate cost of this course is going to be $387, and the Core Content will be released on Sunday 29th December – just in time for you to start your 2020 fitness mission. The Bonus Content will be released sometime in January, depending on when you guys fire your questions at me.

But starting tomorrow, you’re getting a ‘four day weekend’ to pre-order the course at 30% off, for:


Let me make that clear:

You have FOUR DAYS ONLY to pre-order this course at 30% off, starting tomorrow.

You can start the email coaching with me anytime from tomorrow onwards, and you’ll be getting detailed responses from my end.

Any problem you have will be solved.

Plus if you pre-order over the next four days, you’re also getting my personal training program sent directly to your inbox, to see exactly how I use:

  • Full-body training
  • AMRAP sets
  • Reverse Pyramid Training

To hit ridiculous numbers on the ‘Big Six’.

It’s an incredibly powerful system you can experiment with alongside your current IF eating structure, up until 29th December.

It gives you a real flavour for how I approach training and muscle mass.

Pre-order the course below:

The Ultimate Intermittent Fasting Course


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