7 Reasons The Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle Will Change Your Life

Intermittent Fasting

For years, I struggled with my body fat %. I tried countless diets, and the end result was always the same.

I would lose a little weight, just to regain it all at a later date. Because these diets were not long-term sustainable, as they couldn’t realistically be integrated with the rest of my life. Until I discovered the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle.

Intermittent Fasting works with you, rather than against you.

Now, I didn’t have the system I have today, but I did start to slowly uncover certain aspects of it.

Month by month, I found fat loss easier and easier, and I eventually got to the point whereby I could maintain 10% body fat year-round.

You can blast through your current fat loss plateau, and get the same results that I have done.

Let’s do it.

The Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

Reason #1 – Your Appearance Will Improve

The biggest reason for most people starting the Intermittent Fasting lifestyle is of course, fat loss. As far as your appearance goes, muscle gain is important, as is style. But nothing will get you lean, sharp, chiselled, dense and physically attractive like losing body fat (only exceptions are hard-gainers).

Nothing else will give you a strong jawline, defined cheekbones, a narrow waist, impressive v-taper, or striated shoulders.

Good ol’ fat loss will give you all of them.

The reality is often one that people do not like to admit, or they attempt to shame it as shallow. But it doesn’t matter.


End of.

And the fastest way to get this better treatment, is fat loss.

Reason #2 – Your Testosterone Will Be Reclaimed

What’s the best way to ramp up your estrogen and inhibit testosterone production?

Be overweight or obese.

Whilst it’s nowhere near as powerful as TRT, losing fat will have a tremendous impact on your testosterone levels if you have a decent amount of fat to lose.

If you’re currently over 20% body fat, you would be wise to get below 15%, make sure you’re getting your essential fats in, and getting plenty of sleep.

I delve into greater detail in the Men Over 40 Testosterone podcast in the IFFT program.

Reason #3 – Your Energy Levels Will Sky-Rocket

The one thing I’ve noticed with depressed people, is that they all have terrible energy levels.

I’m not saying that losing weight and sorting your diet out is the cure-all for depression, but it sure as hell makes it a lot harder to experience negative states in the first place. Plus it’s not just weight loss. The Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle and going without food for longer periods, absolutely keeps your energy higher.

Eating carbs at breakfast and lunch will 100% bring your energy down. I go into detail with this in the 5 Steps To Rapid Success With IF in the IFFT program.

If you have high energy, all areas of your life will be better. You will be happier more often, and it will be difficult for you to be feeling down.

This is all very important, especially as you age, and especially if you want to avoid the fate of the typical older Betas.

Reason #4 – Your Productivity Will Be Boosted

Particularly during the morning, and particularly if you couple this with 1-2 black coffees.

The fastest way to kill your productivity is to have a load of food floating around in your stomach around breakfast time.

You want your brain to be sharpest at this time, because it’s when you need to be getting your most important work done. Concentration fades in the afternoons, and people end up losing focus.

The early morning is when most people are most focused, most of the time. Therefore it stands to reason that we need to keep our brains sharp, stomachs empty and productivity sky-high.

Reason #5 – Your Lifestyle Can Be Maintained, To Some Degree

Most diets will get you slashing your calorie intake by 25% or more, which is obviously unsustainable and isn’t going to last very long.

Plus you aren’t allowed to eat any carbs, ever. Sound sustainable? Nope, ’cause it’s not. You’ve eliminated an entire macronutrient, in a carb-filled world. Never gonna work.

Additionally, why the hell would you remove two of the most satiating foods, per calorie, on the entire planet – potatoes and apples? Crazy. And guess what? They’re pure carbs.

With a fasting schedule, not only are you allowed carbs, but it’s designed so that you can have the majority of your calories when you need them most – in the evening with your:

  • Wife/girlfriend
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Social events

You will struggle to consistently deny all of the above by never relaxing with them, whereas Intermittent Fasting acknowledges the above, and allows you to fit them in without going over your daily caloric budget.

Most people will have an extra 500-800 calories to play with, as they’ve shifted them over from breakfast to later in the day.

You now have far more lifestyle flexibilty, which makes fat loss far more enjoyable and sustainable.


Reason #6 – Your Healthspan Will Be Lengthened

P.D Mangan on Twitter has said before that the goal with health is not necessarily long life (although that’s nice), it’s actually healthspan, which is long life without the diseases.

Now it isn’t just fat loss that will help you with this (although it will of course make an enormous difference – the fastest way to kill yourself other than suicide, is to become obese), but the very act of fasting every day is far more in-tune with your natural biology, and has many hormonal and de-toxing benefits.

It also teaches you discipline, which carries over into every other area of your life. Not many people know how to go a few extra hours without food. Doing this daily, and manipulating your own baseline impulses is the fastest way to becoming more disciplined.

But back to healthspan, you will absolutely live longer, disease-free, due to the fasting diet. Going without food slows down the growth of cancer cells, destroys toxins, and slows down the overall aging process.

Reasons #7 – Your Sex Appeal Will Be Higher Than Ever Before

This is 50% due to point #1, 50% due to the increased confidence that comes with it. Your looks are important, but your self-confidence may be even more important, depending upon which is currently your weakest.

And watching the beer belly disappear, the double chin shrinking, and ALL clothes making you look better, is the best way to sky-rocketing your self-confidence into the stratosphere.

Women will take notice of you. In fact, they may well do a double-take, especially if they’ve not seen you in a while.

Younger women will be especially interested – they tend to value looks a little more than older women, most of the time.

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