The Ultimate 36Hr Fasting Lifestyle Manual

Are you a Man Over 40 with over 20% body fat?

Are you looking to shed this fat RAPIDLY and EASILY?

If you answered yes to both questions, I think you’re going to love what I have in store for you here.

The 36 Hour Fasting Lifestyle Manual is your shortcut to ‘shocking’ your body out of homeostasis (your current rut), and forcing the fat to be torched very quickly. It’s the ultimate path to building momentum.

Alright, but why should you listen to me?

Who Am I?

I’m Alex Clewlow, and have been training for almost 12 years and following Intermittent Fasting strictly for almost 6 years.

In that time period, I went from a chubby 18% body fat down to a shredded 8%, then settled on a sustainable 9-10% body fat year round.

No matter what I tried when I was heavier, nothing stuck. But once I finally developed a sustainable IF lifestyle, the pounds not only melted away but they STAYED away too.

But there’s been a recent addition to the IF lifestyle I originally created, and that’s 36 hour fasting once per week. I noticed that it’s been working extremely effectively for Men Over 40 inside the 60 Day Transformation Challenge (group coaching) and knew immediately that I had to share this with you.

If guys there are dropping a body fat % point per week following this, then you can emulate their results.

The over 40 guys both on Twitter and in the 60 Day Transformation Challenge discord group all tell me that this 36 hr fasting lifestyle seems to be the ‘secret sauce’ to them accelerating their fat loss results in a sustainable manner.

And inside this manual, I’m sharing EXACTLY what they’ve done.

“What’s wrong with just doing 16/8 fasting every day consistently?”

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it at all.

It works well.

But the 36 hr fasting lifestyle (once per week) is an accelerator of fat loss, and if you’re currently stuck and struggling to make progress, this 36 hour fast destroys any plateaus.

Every. Single. Time.

They’re ruthlessly effective.

But you have to transition properly out of them (again don’t worry, I walk you through all this in the manual).

The great thing about this is that it’s also a long-term lifestyle, the only thing you need to do as you get leaner is adjust the frequency of these fasts downwards a little.

But if you’re looking to speed things up and make things happen RIGHT NOW, then this manual is for you.


What You Will Get

Inside the manual, you’re going to get everything you need to boost your fat loss results and get those pounds burned FASTER and EASIER. So I’m including sections on:


  • The psychological & emotional barriers to 36 hour fasting, and 20 different strategies on how to overcome them (everything begins in the mind…conquer your mind and you’ll conquer the fast)
  • The logistical set up you need to have to avoid distractions and temptations
  • The supplements and liquids you need to consume to maintain energy, focus, and minimise hunger
  • How to transition out of this fast to ensure you don’t regain any fat (just ~1-1.5lbs of water weight) – this is the most critical section
  • How specifically to incorporate this into your lifestyle (based on your overall weekly set up, your current bf %, how ambitious your goals are etc.)
  • How to NOT lose muscle mass – this is the second most critical section


On top of this, I’ve included the following bonuses (take advantage of them!!):


  1. A free 30 minute consultation call with me where you can fire away as many questions as you like. From my experience these calls are most useful for you when you’ve got the questions written down in advance.
  2. A free 20 minute podcast from IFFT – “Supplements For Men Over 40” – this is a ‘how-to’ podcast that focuses on exactly what you should be taking for optimal health, and rapid fat loss within an Intermittent Fasting context. You’re going to need these to stop your testosterone from declining and also to burn more fat in a calorie deficit (and less muscle). Important stuff.


So there’s a lot of value here for you if you’re over 40 and struggling to get leaner.

Please do take advantage of the consultation call as it does seem like a lot of guys benefit from a motivational standpoint as well as the knowledge aspect.

Look at is as another ‘fat loss accelerator’.

Is There A Guarantee?

As always, you get a rock-solid, lifetime money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the program, then I will refund every penny right back to you!


Warning: This 36 hour fasting manual is going to produce rapid changes to your physique, so be prepared for shocked faces from people you haven’t seen in a while.

If you buy this manual, make sure you’re prepared for lots of questions.

Cool? Cool.

Now that you’re ready, I have a final question to ask you.

Do you think this program is worth the price of an affordable meal out in town?

Do you think it might just be worth sacrificing one Friday night of Italian/Asian/Mexican food, so that you can pave the way towards 15% body fat?

I think for a Man Over 40 it probably is.

Buy Now

(You can also order the Unf**k Your Diet meal plan if you need a 16/8 fasting meal plan to follow on the other six days, and the ultimate bundle that includes the James Bond program as well – you will get these add-ons instantly).

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