6 Steps To Increase Your Fat Loss Skills


Men Over 40


Note: This was a guest post on A King’s Castle. This is a great site for married men, with some great information on self-development in multiple areas.


I’ve spoken to a lot of guys recently, particularly “older guys”, and the primary concern amongst them apart from family issues, seems to be fitness related. The number one problem within fitness appears to be body fat. Obviously, excessive levels of body fat are a real issue, both from a health standpoint and a fitness standpoint. We all want to look good, right? We all want to live long lives full of energy and vitality, don’t we? It’s safe to say that it’s time to lose the blubber.


Losing weight is a skill, and one that becomes increasingly important as we age, particularly for Men Over 40. Younger guys simply don’t have to pay the same level of attention to this skillset that older men have to. Men Over 40 now have a full-time job on their hands maintaining their appearance, so, without further ado, let’s get to the six steps that will make you get better at this skill, starting from the beginning:


Number 1 – Pause All Other Goals


Feel free to maintain your performance in other areas, but don’t attempt to get any better at anything else, for the time being. Don’t attempt to increase your income, work more hours than you currently do, or go on a dating spree, or go traveling to South East Asia, or anything like that.


You can go back to all that stuff later. Temporarily pause it for now. Your focus needs to be on nutritional and training success. This requires time and energy, like anything else.


Number 2 – Start Tracking Your Daily Calories


You don’t have to be super strict about this, but you need to have a fairly accurate number of what’s going into your mouth every day. If you want the best results possible; superior to all other guys, you’re going to want to track this stuff. You can stop tracking later when you can instinctively eyeball calorie figures for meals. For now, you need to track.


Always remember, what gets tracked gets done. Even the simple act of tracking means that you’re paying attention to the crucial areas required for fitness success, which automatically means you will become better in this specific area.


Note: This was a guest post for A King’s Castle – click the link to read the rest of it.

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