How To Speed Up Your Fat Loss (Without It Becoming Unsustainable)

36 Hour Fasting Lifestyle, Intermittent Fasting

36 Hour Fasting

I’ve been tweeting & blogging for four years and six years (respectively) about 16/8 fasting and the wonders of sustainable, long-term fat loss that it leads to for pretty much anyone that’s willing to push their ‘breakfast’ back by four hours.

This system creates an environment where it’s extremely easy to be in a calorie deficit and enjoy it, meaning that there’s very little ‘deprivation accumulation’ which all other diets seem to cause, which results in binge eating, yo-yo dieting and an unhealthy relationship with food.


It doesn’t guarantee fat loss. You can’t have bagels and chocolate cereal for breakfast, and then just eat it at 12pm instead of 8am and expect to get shredded.

You can’t eat junk food.

You can’t break your fast with a bunch of sugar.

There is a bit more to it.

Today I want to talk about a brand new discovery inside the 60 Day Transformation Challenge that has lead to quite a few guys destroying their fat loss plateaus and hitting new all-time low weigh-ins, WITH EASE.

The 36 Hour Fasting Lifestyle

A lot of Men Over 40 have been stuck at >20% body fat for a long time now, and the typical 16/8 fasting model doesn’t seem to be carrying them below this mark.

I’ve said for a while that for most older guys, OMAD seems to be superior in terms of the results it gleans. But on top of this, something that really seems to improve:

  • Momentum
  • Motivation
  • Blood glucose
  • Appetite control
  • Inflammation
  • Excitement

For these guys, is doing a 36-40 hour fast (usually at the start of the week). This means all day Monday, and then Tuesday morning too. Of course you’ll have water, electrolytes and certain supplements, but other than that you won’t be consuming any actual food/calories.

(Please for heaven’s sake don’t dehydrate yourself and drink zero water!)

Then for the rest of the week it’s fasting as usual however you prefer to define that.

But the real magic here is that you tend to lose ~4 lbs during the 36-40 hour period which is motivating in and of itself, but then if you transition out of this fast properly, you can expect to keep about 2.5-3 lbs off.

(If you’d like to learn how to do this properly like the guys inside the 60 DTC, make sure you pre-order the Ultimate 36 Hour Fasting Lifestyle Manual while it’s still super cheap).

Some Advice

If you’re going to do this 36 Hour Fasting Lifestyle properly and you want to obliterate your current plateau and get well below 20% body fat with ease, and for life, then you’ll want to follow these tips:

  1. You’ll want to have some basic IF experience before trying this and expecting it to work as a long-term lifestyle (rather than a one-off like an Extended Fast would be)
  2. Because it’s a lifestyle that’s repeatable on a weekly basis, don’t worry too much if you mess up one time – there’ll always be next week
  3. This also means that you need to pay attention to the other six days too – you don’t want to fall into the trap of only being focused for one day and then ‘winging it’ for the rest of the week – that’s a path towards staying at homeostasis (maintenance) – pay attention to each meal
  4. You probably don’t want to train on the day that you choose to do the 36 hour fast, you’ll get better results if you train on days where you’re getting full meals in – plan ahead and work this into your schedule

If you follow the general tips above, you won’t screw it up really badly.

It’s only 36 hours, it’s not 3-7 days like in the Extended Fasts I’ve spoken about in the past.

36 Hour Fasting is relatively easy in comparison, the guys in the 60 DTC will tell you this. But if you want to get the most out of it and keep the 2.5 lbs off every single week, you’ll want to get your mindset on point first, which is absolutely critical.

I devote several chapters to this inside the manual.

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s a lifetime money-back guarantee included in case you’re not happy, as well as a free consultation call and a 20 minute podcast devoted to supplements, so it’s a TON of value you’re getting here.

Check out the manual below:

Pre-Order The Ultimate 36 Hour Fasting Lifestyle Manual

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