The Power Of Societal Programming

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Note: A lot of people may not fully get this article, but if you’ve been following me for a while you should. It won’t rank well on Google, but I don’t care.

Societal programming is something that infects everything you do in your every day life. It weasels its’ way into just about everything. You have it in business, in religion, in relationships/marriage, in schools, and yes, you even have it in health & fitness.

Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad.

Some of it’s life-saving; if we didn’t all drive on the same side of the road as eachother in any particular country, it’d be chaos & death everywhere.

But some of this societal programming is absolutely terrible, and is designed to imprison you and make you easier to control.


Because this benefits the elites who make the rules, enforce them with the police, and then re-enforce them over decades of societal programming. It’s simply more profitable for them.

Societal Programming

The Dangers Of Societal Programming With Your Health

We’ve all been there and fallen for it, even myself for many years.

“Cereal is the breakfast of champions”, and “if you don’t eat breakfast then you’ll have no energy!” I’m telling you, I actually went about 4-5 years of genuinely thinking that Weetabix was “good for me”, in spite of the very obvious problems associated with it:

  • I was crashing at 11am (and literally wanting to fall asleep at my desk)
  • I had no passion, creativity or motivation for my work
  • Everything felt like a drag & was exhausting
  • I was craving carbs and more sweet foods at 11am (not normal, folks)
  • I was never full/satisfied from my meals for any longer than about 45 minutes

Even though I was having all these problems, my logic was:

“Maybe weight loss and happiness are both just extremely hard goals that most people will never have? I can’t be doing anything wrong. Everyone eats cereal for breakfast, so clearly it can’t be the foods I’m eating. My family eats it, my friends eat it, everyone has cereal for breakfast. Weight loss must just be for those genetically-gifted people and celebs.”

The reality is that eating a large bowl of cereal in the morning will make your life 10x harder when it comes to weight loss, and nobody will tell you this.

In fact, they’ll tell you to stop being so ‘weird’ and be ‘normal’ like everyone else. I mean, what else are you supposed to eat at breakfast? You can’t just eat NOTHING!

If you eat nothing, then you’ll hAvE N0 eNeRGy fOR tHe daY!

Here’s a question I want you to ask yourself:

Which one do you think is better for fat loss. A large 800 calorie bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, or black coffee (in a fasted state)?

Think long and hard about it. Because if your answer is the former, then you’ve got a lot of societal programming to pull from between your ears.

3 Square Meals A Day

“Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch, and a pauper at dinner” is the dumbest quote I’ve ever heard.

Doing this is going to sap your energy when you need it the most, and unless you’re literally eating chicken breast & broccoli for breakfast, it’s going to spike your blood sugar and your cravings for more carbs.

It’s a DISASTER for the man who’s looking to lose weight, and it’s yet another example of societal programming.

OMAD? “YoU’rE noT goINg T0 G3t ThRoUGh tHe dAY!”

When it comes to fat loss, sometimes you need to go against the norm. The reality is that governments, big corporations and other sections of the elites don’t want you to be lean, high T and an independent thinker.


Because a fat, low T, miserable population is a population that’s easier to control, and it’s also a lot more profitable for Big Pharma, and it’s more profitable for the government via having a population of tax slaves. Healthy, high T males are more likely to break free from ‘the matrix’ so to speak.

If you’d like to break free from the matrix, the first step is to lose the body fat & get some basic level of health/energy going. I have a lot of resources for this, but the best way to guarantee success, would be to get a custom-tailored Intermittent Fasting meal plan that I write myself.

The next step is to make sure your testosterone levels aren’t hovering between 300-500 like the vast majority of men’s are right now. This is how society wants you, because it benefits those at the top. I’d argue that if you’re a married man, it also gives your wife an extra layer of security. But it won’t benefit you in ANY way whatsoever.

You NEED to be in the 800-1200 range if you want a powerful physique, confidence, money etc. to all come easily to you. I show you EXACTLY how to do this in the Testosterone Take-Off eBook.

Hopefully you guys understand the macro-game at play here. You can either play to lose like the majority of the male population does, or you can play to win.

The choice really is yours.

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