Why Is Black Coffee So Important? 3 Reasons.

72 Hour Fast, Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

I’ve received a lot of questions from guys about black coffee, the potential replacements, what you can and can’t have in your coffee etc.

So today I’m going to answer those questions. But firstly, a brief background.

The Intermittent Fasting Model

The Intermittent Fasting model that I talk about is one that’s designed to get you to 10% body fat (or under 15% as a bare minimum for health), in a sustainable manner, that doesn’t screw up your future self.

No muscle loss. No rebounding. No suffering.

97% of diets don’t work, because they’re not sustainable and/or the person doesn’t approach it with a sustainable mindset.

With the IF model, you’re actually able to eat out occasionally and drink red wine/whiskey occasionally, which makes the diet much more enjoyable.

But the real power behind my IF model, is that it suppresses your appetite. Meaning that you simply don’t want to eat a ton of food or binge out in the evenings. Via reduced insulin levels, bitter tastes in the morning (coffee), and a narrow eating window, it’s perfectly possible for you to achieve this.

And black coffee is an important part of this game plan.

So let’s get into the three reasons that coffee will seriously help you to hit 10% body fat.

1. Black Coffee Trains The Sweet Tooth Out Of You

There’s still a ton of you guys on Twitter who are commenting on my tweets, saying things like “I’m struggling with sweets, dates, ice cream, junk food”, or “the cravings hit me at night”.

Guys, you’re not going to get lean if this continues.

You’ve GOT to fight this.

And a big reason that a lot of you guys are getting these cravings/urges is because you’re adding sweetener to your coffee, and looking to add sweetness into your meal 1’s and snacks.

So here’s my suggestion:

FORCE yourself to drink black coffee (no sweetener!) for three days. That’s it, just three days. Because that should be long enough to get your taste buds accustomed to more normal tastes, and then you can start adding milk. Black coffee > white coffee, but if you really can’t stand the taste, then add milk in after a while.

But NEVER add sweetener. That’s completely insane – you’re begging for problems.

2. Black Coffee Makes You Eat Less

To be fair, this goes for any unsweetened coffee, because of the caffeine content. It’s great.

An example from myself in the past – I used to “need” a large bowl of cereal every morning at breakfast that totalled about 600 calories of insulin-spiking garbage.

But once I started making some progress with my Intermittent Fasting journey and started having 1-2 black coffees every morning, suddenly the “need” vanished. VERY quickly.

Which meant that I now had 600 calories that I could put into my meal 1 or 2, without gaining any body fat. In fact I’d lose more fat due to the higher quality of food and protein (the Thermic Effect Of Food means you end up burning more calories with higher protein intakes).

This 600 calories could easily be condensed down to 400 calories no problem, and it would be chicken breast, steak, or quality carbs in the evening. Far better than cereal.

This benefit becomes doubly powerful when you’re doing an Extended Fast, which I show you exactly how to do in the Ultimate Manual (it’s super cheap, there’s no reason not to get it). You could lose 15 pounds, and then be setting yourself up for a leaner future…for very little cost.

3. Black Coffee Ramps Up Your Metabolism

A third benefit to stack on top of the others, is that that coffee does indeed help you to burn more calories. Your body works faster both internally, and also in terms of external movement, so you burn more calories.

This is yet another reason why black coffee is best. If you put a bunch of creamer and/or sugar in there, you’re offsetting this caloric burn.

You could be putting yourself into a substantial calorie deficit, but instead you’re choosing to destroy it all by chugging a load of creamer down, not the best idea in my opinion.

So really, all three of these reasons combine to give you the reality that black coffee simply makes it much easier to hit 10% body fat and stay there.

If YOU want to hit 10% body fat and maintain it for life, I have a few suggestions:

  • I would drink 1-2 cups of black coffee every morning
  • If you *really* hate the taste of black coffee, just do it for three days to eliminate your damn sweet tooth
  • Remember to NEVER add sweetener, or creamer for that matter
  • Enjoy your higher protein meals later in the day
  • Check out the Ultimate Extended Fasting Manual, and the personalised Intermittent Fasting meal plans

These two products are going to be your “fast-track to success” that will get you to 10% body fat much faster.

I hope this article clears everything up in regards to coffee and its’ role in Intermittent Fasting, talk to you next time.

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