Weakness? Or Power? Your Choice.

Men Over 40





We’ve all had times in our lives where we’ve felt weak. Perhaps a little helpless.


Maybe it was when we couldn’t protect our loved ones.








Younger brother.


Or sister.


Or mother.


Perhaps it was when that guy had a go at you in the bar one time.


Whatever it was, it troubled you on a deep, primal level. You weren’t strong enough, and you knew it.


I read a tweet online not that long ago (I think it was from Western Mastery), that said something along the lines of:


Strong, muscular men who also have some fighting experience, simply do not have the subconscious fear that the rest of the human race suffers from. They know that they’re physically capable of destroying the opposition on a deep primal level, so there is no fear.


I completely agree with him.


Physical security is very important for long-term happiness.


The Solution


If you’re currently lacking physical strength, or physical security, the best way to solve this is to gain more muscle.


Skinny-fat? Losing fat isn’t going to be enough. Although you will certainly look MILES better, it isn’t going to give you the power you crave. Power comes from muscle and strength.


If you want to sky-rocket your muscle and strength…


I’ll let you in on two secrets:


  1. Progressive Overload
  2. Volume


I’m not joking guys, if you can fully understand and internalise the above two concepts, you’re set for life.


Volume, means that you’re performing enough total work to get bigger and stronger.


This is an absolute level of work.


Progressive overload is more of a relative phenomenon.


If you’re a beginner, you can progress quickly. Progressive overload in terms of weight, reps and sets can be rather fast, relatively speaking. Whereas if you’re advanced, progressive overload will be much slower.


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You’ll become strong, as it focuses on the big three lifts; bench, squat and deadlift, and you’ll gain muscle in all the right areas.


This is your chance to access the training program that will get you:


  • Leaner
  • More muscular
  • Stronger
  • Functional strength (focusing on the big movements)
  • More cardiovascular fitness
  • Greater masculinity
  • Improved testosterone


In terms of aesthetics, it will get you the James Bond physique.




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