Can Men Over 40 Get An Actor’s Physique Without Being Wealthy?

Men Over 40

Oh this one winds up a lot of guys on Twitter, particularly the busier, more stressed out Men Over 40.

A common objection to the James Bond physique is:

“Oh well that’s just great! Thanks for using an example of a wealthy multi-millionaire that isn’t even comparable to me!”

The reason I use famous people as examples is because we all know them, and can therefore relate to them. You can’t relate to the local ripped 45 year old in my gym because you’ve never seen him in your life. That’s why I use famous people. It has nothing to do with their wealth.

You cannot buy a good physique. Just like you cannot out-train a bad diet.

Let me explain…

Men Over 40 & Personal Chefs

Celebrities’ personal chefs will absolutely help, I concede. It will make it easier to eat healthier, lower calorie, higher protein foods on a regular basis. It will make it easiER.

But it doesn’t guarantee anything. I can promise you that.

Your personal chef cannot force you at gun-point to drop that cookie. Or to stop ordering pizza. Or to put the fucking fork down once you’ve had enough calories.

And both of you know this.

Your personal chef makes it easier, and less time consuming. But he WILL NOT get you to 10% body fat. He will not force you, at gun-point to stick to your Intermittent Fasting schedule (nobody can do that). Only you can enforce discipline upon yourself.

Men Over 40 & Personal Trainers

All of these actors have Personal Trainers. Which can be nice if you’re naturally lazy and you need someone in person to kick you up the arse.

I am naturally lazy in some areas, so I’m not blowing my own trumpet here. But I’ve never been lazy when it comes to lifting weights or cardio. I’ve always been a hard-worker in the gym. So a Personal Trainer really would be of no benefit to me.

And if YOU had a strong work ethic, a Personal Trainer would be of no bloody use to YOU either.

Regardless of how busy I’ve been in the past, I’ve always somehow “found time”, pulled time from out of my arse and created it, for the gym. So Personal Trainers really are of no use if you’re already disciplined, you’re already on a solid program and you already know how to train to gain/maintain muscle.

Furthermore, Personal Trainers, like chefs, will not stop you from stuffing your face with donuts once or twice per week. Or eating fries. Or eating chocolate cake at that family dinner. Or making stupid meal choices when eating out with your girlfriend or wife.

I hope you’re starting to see the point here?

Wealthy Guys Vs Poor Guys

Just so we’re on the same page here – I’m not saying money doesn’t help; it does. Having your personal chef and trainer will help to make things easier, especially if you’re outrageously busy AND you’re not currently prioritising fitness.

See my point here?

If you genuinely prioritise fitness, you will damn well eat at a caloric deficit and train hard in the gym WITHOUT the help from other people.

There are many wealthy guys who are fat as hell. Because they still eat like crap. You can’t buy a good physique.

There are many broke guys (or average income guys) who are lean as hell. Of all ages (not just younger guys).


You and I both know full-well that neither of us needs:

  • The “best, most expensive organic foods”
  • The “latest technology to maximise recovery” (what the fuck is that?)
  • The “highest quality supplements” (most supplements do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!)

In order to get in insanely good shape. I have none of those, and I’m leaner than most actors who get into good shape (about 9% right now).

In case you were wondering, these were the ridiculous objections given to me on Twitter recently, and they instantly scream: “I am a complete wuss, full to the brim with excuses”

All three of them are completely irrelevant. Irrational excuse-making.


If you’re ready to get past this excuse making and get into the best shape of your life, then check out the James Bond program.

It’s a no BS, full body, three times per week program that progresses in volume every week. Plus there are AMRAP (as many reps as possible) sets designed to boost muscle growth as fast as possible; giving you the opportunity to set regular personal bests.

Your success is in your hands, nobody else’s.

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