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For many years now, I have observed people whom, at the beginning of January, or the beginning of the Summer, will attempt to lose weight for a special occassion. In January, it’s normally to lose the Christmas weight. The turkeys, the Christmas puddings, the sweets, cakes, chocolates, red wine (oooh yes).


In the Summer though, it’s often for weddings, beach days, parties, booze-ups, summer holidays etc. These are often more dangerous as people push themselves incredibly hard for a specific date, and then because they have no long-term fitness goals, they compeltely f***ing blow it and re-gain a load of weight after they hit this short-term goal.


The pattern among these people is that they will push and push and push until something stops them. Everything is going so well with their low-carb diet; they look in the mirror every morning and think ‘Oh wow, look at that sexy mofo’, and then this is confirmed by the numerical progression on the scale. They jump and bounce around their bedroom, tears of joy streaming from their sleepy eyes, and they think they’re on top of the world.


But of course, it doesn’t last very long.


Don’t Limit Food Choices Or Carbs


Scenario 1


Fast forward 2 weeks…


He’s not tasted Italian in, God knows, three months?!


‘Jim, it’s my birthday, you HAVE to come! Please!’ he begs. John was his childhood best mate, and recently he had been letting his friend down time and time again. No beers in the pub, no dinners with him and his wife, nothing. Jim couldn’t possibly let him down again, could he?


Plus, a big, crusty pizza, straight out of Piccoliono’s oven would be an absolute dream. The freshest pizza to be seen in the entire town; coated delicately with mozzarella cheese and strategically placed chorizo and pepperoni. Mmmm. His mouth was watering at the image.


What’s more, he’d worked SO HARD at the gym, so he deserved it, right?


You know what happens next, don’t you? It doesn’t stop at pizza. What follows is ice cream, chocolate cake, and then the desire to have more every day from now on. This causes a re-bound of weight gain, because shit happens, and low-carb diets don’t work.


My entire Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle allows for ‘shit’ happening.


Scenario 2


Jim’s girlfriend, Amy, has been acting strange recently. She still loves him, and she is still wildly attracted to him; the sex is still raw, primal, and she loves it. Best of both worlds, it seems; both the emotional and the physical are on point. But something is a bit off. He can’t quite put his finger on it.


Her texts are becoming more abrupt, and she keeps passing comments about how other couples spend more ‘quality time’ together. Jim initially passed it off as her watching too many Disney movies, but she persisted in her complaints.


Until one night, she made the effort to pause the usual subtle, indirect female communication methods and actually converse in harsh, direct man-talk (which is a big step, and requires a big push with a guy she’s actually attracted to):


‘Jim, why don’t you take me out for romantic meals anymore?’ flicking her long, blonde locks over the back of her neck. ‘We used to go for nice food all the time before you started your stupid zero-carb diet!’


As he looked into her hypnotising, bright blue eyes, he finally realised; this wasn’t a test, she’s for real. He hadn’t taken her out for food in ages, because no restaurants do zero carb meals(!)


He got things into perspective, realised that the relationship was of superior importance to him than his diet (he also has hardcore Oneitis, of course), and he started re-introducing carbs into his life again. She, being a long-term girlfriend, encouraged this aggressively, and he ended up gaining all of his weight back.




Shit happens, and my entire Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle incorporates this and allows for it.


Scenario 3


Our friend Jim also happens to be the Director of Marketing at an established airline. Unfortunately, being the dynamic industry that aviation is, things have, you guessed it, gone to shit.


The airline has lost out to its’ main competitor on several new routes across the Atlantic, with the competitor stealing 70% of the market share. This has a massive impact on the entire company, and Jim can really feel the pressure. His job is at stake, and if he doesn’t sort it out, the entire company may be at risk of bankruptcy.


So here he is, slaving away at his desk for 60 hours per week, stressing and fretting every time he glances at his inbox (which shouldn’t be very often!), and having sweaty nights in bed, sexless, and tossing and turning with no shut-eye.


Not good.


What’s more? In an attempt to alleviate the stress, Jim comes home from work and has no choice but to ruin his stupid low-carb diet. Low carbs increase your total stress, and this is why people need to focus on reducing stress, rather than reducing carbs. He opens the cupboards, reaches for the cookie jar, and shakily tightens his grip around the edges of the circular tin box, pulling it towards himself in relief.


8 cookies later, and he regrets it. Feeling even worse.


Low-carb diets are stupid and temporary, and they don’t account for:


  1. Friends
  2. Girlfriends
  3. Wives
  4. Kids
  5. Your own oneitis
  6. Work
  7. Stress
  8. High training volumes
  9. Travel (don’t get me started on that)
  10. Meals out
  11. Social events
  12. Family ‘get togethers’


Whereas I nod my head and acknowledge these things, because I’m not a moron. I accept that my social life, relationship life, family & travle will always be important to me, and to cause conflict between these things and fitness when you don’t even need to (!!!) is complete insanity.


My Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle allows you to:


  • Eat more carbs
  • Have meals out with girlfriends, wives etc.
  • Relax in the evenings after work, and eat ‘clean’ carbs, and some evening snacks too
  • Enjoy time with friends & family
  • Be strong, and recover from high volume training
  • Have a good social life
  • Travel the world & experience the local cuisines
  • etc.


And still continue to lose weight. There is simply no need to cause conflict between major life areas and fitness. It’s pointless. You can have both. Read about this in further detail here.


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