3 Tips To Stay Shredded During Stressful Periods

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We all have stress in our lives, to some degree. However some people have more than others. Stress eating normally arises when we want to do certain things and feel certain ways, but we feel that we ‘can’t’. It’s often due to a lack of freedom, and having too much on our plates.


Some really obvious examples of stress-increasers:


  • Kids
  • Marriage
  • Work (in the typical sense; location-dependent, a boss that’s a pain in the ass etc.)
  • A lack of money
  • Trying to hit 3+ goals at the same time


All of the above put severe limitations on your time, and therefore your well-being. This is where time management skills are incredibly helpful, but that’s another story for another time (stay tuned).


But there’s only so far time management skills will take you. If you have multiple issues from the above list, you’re going to be a fairly stressed out guy, no matter how good your time management skills.


You could have all the money in the world and work for yourself, but if you’ve got four kids, a marriage from hell and are trying to hit four goals at once, you’re going to be stressed. And you won’t stick to your diet.


You could be young, single and free from kids, but if you have jack-all in the bank and work for a boss you hate, you’re going to be stressed. And you won’t stick to your diet.


How I Got Ripped By Overcoming Stress


There have been two instances in my life whereby I’ve been highly stressed, yet managed to get leaner regardless. The first one, I was in the typical office job, worked for a boss that pissed me off, and had a lot on my plate work-wise.


The second one, twelve months later, I was working in a stressful service environment, and was trying to hit three ambitious goals all at the same time. One was financial, one was fat loss and the third was a language goal. I made significant progress with all three, yet I fell short on all three.


This is why I say ONE OR TWO GOALS AT A TIME. No more than two.


I won’t bullshit you, the secret to getting lean during highly stressful times is 80% mindset, 20% strategy. You just have to power your way through. This isn’t good for sustainability, and if you want long-term success you would be wise to cut out/alleviate all (or most) sources of stress. Putting up with unhappiness and not doing anything about it is plain stupid.


However, I will give you what worked for me:


Adopt My Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle


For more information, read this. But the benefits of this lifestyle are that you get more calories when you are most stressed. This was in the afternoons when I got home from work. Not at bloody breakfast(!)


Coffee will also make you more productive during the mornings, which is when you should be doing your most important projects at work.


Finally, it really allows you to wind down and relax in the evenings, where you’re allowed to eat plenty of carbs, assuming you trained hard and did your cardio. Both of which will also help you to relax.


Trust me, you won’t feel like doing either, but you will feel better afterwards. This is just one example of where your body is lying to you. How you feel is often a lie. Not always, but often.


Eat Ridiculously High Volume Foods


The benefits of this is that you will feel like you’ve eaten loads, but your actual calorie intake is much lower than you think. Vegetables, fruit, water and ‘chewy‘ foods all do this for you.


So this means eat your:


  • Broccoli
  • Peas
  • Sweetcorn
  • Potatoes
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Bananas
  • Oranges


Drink lots of water. NEVER DRINK CALORIES. Ever.


You will want to consume loads of sugar, but this only gives you temporary satisfaction, and will make your stress worse in the long-term.


Have A Game Plan For The Day & For Each Week


This basically comes down to two things:


Focus, and meal prep.


You must know exactly what your calorie targets are for the day and how you’re going to split them up (i.e snacks, meal one and two). Meal prepping is the best way to do this. Cook it all in one go, then store them in Tupperware’s in your fridge/freezer.


This focus will prevent you from being distracted by the kitchen at work, your wife’s unhelpful suggestions, and the kids opening the sweet cupboards. Have a gameplan. Don’t be distracted by the external.


Reviewing your goals several times per day will also help you to avoid being distracted. My advice would be to carry a picture of your ideal physique on you in person. This way, every time you feel you’re about to be tempted by crappy foods, refer to your game plan, and then your goal physique.


They will make you think twice about being a fatty.




There you go; use my Intermittent Fasting Lifetstyle for maximum flexibility and stress-reduction, make sure you get the most out of every calorie, and have a damn game plan.


Equipped with the above three tactics, you will be good to power through any obstacles. But remember, most of this is mindset. You have to power your way through to some degree.


Good luck!


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Thanks 🙂


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