4 Killer Tips To Get Shredded FASTER This Summer!


Get shredded faster


You’re in the kitchen (again), bored out of your mind, and the only thing your stupid subconscious wants to do is pig out on ice cream and pizza. But you’re on a diet. You’re not allowed these things. Oh dear.


You spot a packet of biscuits leaning out of the cupboard; slightly ajar. Oh wow, they would be so good to devour right now. You imagine what the crunch would feel like, the sugar rush….the good feelings.


You begin to salivate.


As you dive towards the cupboard, you spot something else; something much MUCH more important and emotionally compelling, and you halt…


It’s a picture of your dream physique.


Oh God, what do you do? Biscuits? Or dream physique?


Which ONE Do You Choose?


It’s one or the other. Not both. Not today, at least. Once you’ve already got to your goal and you pursue maintenance, you can have both. But until then, pick one.


Let’s analyse this.


The benefits of biscuits:


  • They taste good
  • They get rid of your annoying cravings
  • They satisfy the hell out of you
  • They give you more energy


The benefits of not eating biscuits:


  • You get leaner
  • Your face looks better
  • Your muscles become more visible
  • You look less chubby and more masculine
  • Your clothes all look better on you
  • You get laid more
  • Women love you
  • You become ridiculously confident
  • You become more disciplined
  • You get more positive attention
  • Men respect you instantly
  • Your health improves
  • You spend (waste) less money on health bills


Notice the benefits of eating biscuits are very short-term based, and actually, I didn’t even delve into the problems that come with those short-term benefits. The problems are actually the opposite of the benefits listed just above for avoiding biscuits.


Guys, this literally, comes down to emotional control, and the ability to prioritise the long-term over the short-term. I applies to other areas of life too – emotional control is an enormous key to long-term self-development.


Get Shredded Faster


Okay, time for the four tips. These will all keep you away from the cupboards and the temptations, and towards long-term fulfilment, but they will also accelerate your progress towards a sexy beach body.


These are all tried and tested, and I’ve used the first three to great success when leaning down in previous summers, on multiple occassions. Especially #1.


Here we go.


Keep A Picture Of Your Ideal Physique On Your Cupboards And Your Fridge


No, this isn’t “gay” or “lame”. Just do it. You will thank me later when you realise you now have the discipline to overcome your basic urges. You will thank me when you’ve achieved your dream physique and you are:


  • Good-looking
  • Extremely confident
  • Extremely happy


Down A Pint Of Water And/Or Some Tea Whenever You Get Cravings


Water is very useful for bloating you up, and actually, I’ve found that tea can be great for satisfying cravings too. If you’re looking to cut down on the caffeine, or as is often in my case; it’s too late in the day to be consuming copious amounts of caffeine, tea may be a better option.


It will make you feel like you’re having some kind of consumable “treat”, yet there’s jack-all calories in there – awesome.


Go For A Walk And Get Some Fresh Air


This is great for “re-setting” your brain, and often, your cravings. Sometimes it’s great to just get outside and feel the breeze on your face. After walking a few miles, not only do you burn calories, but you also find that you no longre want to eat crap.


If you do feel hungry, it’s more likely to be legitimate hunger, rather than something that’s going to actively damage your appetite and your diet. Think: sugar cravings vs legitimate hunger.


Spend Time With Others


Some of you more emotional types will eat because you’re either bored or lonely. If you’re bored, tip #3 will help, as will spending time with others (and so will spending time working towards meaningful and exciting goals).


But if you’re lonely, spending time with others in a non-consumerist fat-gaining environment would be a really good idea. Avoid going out to:


  • Cinemas
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs/bars
  • Shopping malls
  • etc.


Socialise, but make sure it’s in a diet-friendly environment with minimal temptations. Socialising is good. Seeing, smelling and hearing crappy food everywhere is bad.




There you go – four tips to reduce cravings and therefore get you shredded much faster. Keep that picture in strategic places, down water/tea at the right times, go for nice walks and socialise with others.


Simple, but effective.


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