How To Eat Out At Restaurants & Still Get Shredded

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle


One of the nicest, most happiness-inducing things you can do on a regular basis in your recreational life, is to enjoy meals out with other people.


It’s great. It makes you very happy.


But of course your brain immediately comes up with a couple of objections, possibly many, when we intertwine this concept with fitness, and fat loss specifically.


Normal Diets Suck


Under most normal diets, where you have to slash your carbs and only eat protein and fats, you suddenly find yourself incredibly limited as to what you can do with your social life.


This is fine for a while. But eventually, you will want to go out for a meal with your wife/girlfriend, friends, family, etc.


Eventually, the motivation for the magical new diet fades. And then most people completely lose the plot, but that’s another story for another time.


Think about it. How many:


  • Italian
  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Mexican
  • Tapas
  • Greek
  • etc.


Restaurants are you going to be able to go to and enjoy yourself….when you’re on zero carbs?!


It’s just not going to happen.


And it’s not just carbs either.


Most diets insist that you continue to eat breakfast. I’ve explained many times why breakfast reduces dietary freedom, and that the morning is the time of the day whereby you need calories the least. You would be far better off eating like a king much later in the day, once you’ve earned it. But to briefly re-cap:


  1. You just DO NOT need the calories in the morning.
  2. Net energy balance over the 24 hour period is what determines whether or not you actually need the energy – you don’t just need the calories Because Breakfast Is What Makes You Big & Strong Dammitâ„¢
  3. If your breakfast has carbs, you will lose focus, energy & productivity when you need it most
  4. Being a little hungry in the morning increases focus & productivity
  5. Coffee, and specifically; caffeine, works better on an empty stomach


You don’t need breakfast.


But the hidden benefits of not eating breakfast are that you get to eat larger meals, later in the day. You get more calories in the evenings, which acts as a caloric buffer and will help you in just about any tricky diet situation, including eating out at restaurants.


The Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle


Contrasting this, if you have a 50% calorie buffer stock like I do, you get to have ~1000 calories to enjoy yourself with in the evening.


This means you can easily eat out and stay within your caloric budget, hence getting shredded.


So the solution:


Stop eating breakfast, stop going zero carb.


Start stockpiling calories for later in the day, and have a reasonable number of carbs to play with (just keep them moderately clean).


If you’re still having dieting difficulties and are in need of help, let me create a personalised Intermittent Fasting meal plan,showing you exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat, to get to 10% body fat and stay there, year-round, like I do.


Your meal plan will eliminate the decision making process for you, and you will always know what you need to do.


Your calories and macros are custom tailored for your goals.


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