4 Steps To Dominating Your Time

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busy Men Over 40


Time management is one of those skills that will absolutely help you to lose weight. This is especially true for busy Men Over 40, who have multiple taxing areas to juggle at the same time.


With poor time management, you will be:


  • Stressed out more easily
  • Eating more junk food
  • Recovering poorly from training
  • Sleeping quality will suffer
  • You won’t be as productive due to a lack of focus


Stress, and cortisol specifically, is one of the most catabolic forces you will face. This is a lose/lose as far as fat loss and fitness goes. Seriously, this stuff has the potential to ruin you. Therefore, time management skills are huge.


Dominate Your Time


There are many ways to optimise your time for any given level of workload. But the problem is that if the workload exceeds a certain threshold, you will never get anything accomplished regardless of how good your time management skills are.


So we need to cut the fat before attempting to be the ‘jack of all trades’. The best way to do this, is to:


Only Attack One Goal At A Time


Maintenance is a different ballgame to progression. Examples of maintenance are to maintain your job (i.e don’t get fired), maintain your business income, maintain your physique, maintain your relationships.


Whereas progression in each area usually requires a substantial amount of extra effort. This could be muscle gain, fat loss, career progression & promotions, growing your business, growing a harem or finding a wife (whichever way inclined you are), working on new social circles etc.


Progression requires specific goals with specific timelines attached to them. Use numbers as targets wherever possible, otherwise you have no idea whether or not you’ve hit them. Use specific dates too for the same reason. These should be big goals and they should excite you.


But if you try to:


  • Earn an extra £30k per year
  • Grow a side business
  • Gain 20 pounds of muscle
  • Become fluent (C1 level) in German
  • Have sex with 10 new women


ALL inside 12 months….none of it’s gonna happen. None.


One goal at a time. Once you hit that, move onto the next one.


This is the first step to managing your time properly, and it’s all to do with focus and applied effort. This way you build momentum faster and save a lot of time in the long-run, rather than constantly spinning your wheels and having to re-start.


If busy Men Over 40 want to prioritise fat loss, they must pause all other pursuits. Maintain the status quo, then pursue them once you’ve lost the weight.


Use A Calendar Properly


I’m a bit of a geek with this stuff and use Excel. You don’t have to use Excel, but I recommend it. The dates go down the far left-hand column, and they can theoretcally keep going on forever. Across the top row you have the time.


Now you have a real visualisation of how your life looks from one week to the next. It’s great. You simply schedule all your regimented appointments in the calendar, and leave the rest blank. Don’t overschedule or you’ll get too stressed.


Once you have your appointments that will not change i.e work, meetings, doctors appointments, dates, basically any time-specific slots, you can now add in more flexible activities for the day; almost like a to-do list. I like to insert these as a comment on the left-hand side correlating to the specific day.


A lot of things won’t need to be time-specific; it’s a lot more relaxed this way.


For fitness, busy Men Over 40 would be wise to add in flexible ‘to-do’ items for meal prep (ideally on Sundays), taking meals to work, training sessions etc. But I would be rigid with cardio, especially if it’s daily cardio (think morning walks or evening walks). I’ve seen too many guys not get cardio done and use work as an excuse.


Save Time On Media


This is a strange one, but hear me out.


I can’t remember where I read/watched this, but a time management consultant ran some numbers on the amount of wasted time the average person performs doing several activities, and the results were horrifying. The top two on the list were:


  1. Commuting
  2. Watching TV


The only answer to commuting is to grow an online business. But for watching TV; that’s hideously unnecessary, and most of it sucks anyway. Instead of wasting years of your life, yes years, replace this crap with media related to your ONE goal.


Replace it with YouTube videos, blogs (like this), Tweets (like mine) and read up more on what’s relevant to your progression. This will fill your head with constructive ideas, get you motivated and have you learning far more in a shorter space of time, rather than filling your head with useless crap.


Focus On The Task At Hand Until It’s 10000000% Complete


Whether it’s a gym workout, a cardio session or meal prep, you must focus until it’s complete, otherwise by default, you’re not giving it your all.


You’ll get distracted, the intensity will suffer and your workout will not be as good as it could have been. I take this for granted as I’ve always been very focused in the gym and have always pushed myself. But I know most people don’t.


Also, make sure your meal prep is accurate, weighed out correctly, and has a decent amount of herbs and spicesin every Tupperware container.


Focus until the task is complete.


If your calendar is set up properly with all the days to-do items and scheduled appointments, you shouldn’t have to worry about being distracted; it should all be under control anyway.




There you go – 4 steps to dominating your time. Follow these and you will destroy your goals without killing yourself from stress, and you’ll also get better at having more control in other life areas too.


Good luck!


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Thanks 🙂

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