5 Steps To Building Massive Guns

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Note: This was a guest post on Return of Kings.


Small arms/guns can often be a major source of frustration, and in some cases, embarrassment for many men. It’s a regular problem for naturally skinny guys who just want to pack on some size and look bigger in a t-shirt. Small arms also tend to lead to poor symmetry, proportions and other aesthetically un-pleasing results.


I have discovered quite a few tricks you can perform to bring up your weak points if they are frustrating you. I will share with you what I performed last year in order to bring my lagging arms up, and you can definitely do this too:


Step 1 – Write Down Your Goal


This goal is so important as it gives you some direction, motivation, and it keeps you accountable for success (or lack of). For example, if currently your arms are 14 inches and you want 16 inch arms as quickly as possible, then set this down as a goal. You must measure your progress every single week to ensure that you’re staying on track. I found this weekly progress update to be very motivating. When I saw measurable improvements in my arm size, it made me hungrier for more growth and this meant that I trained harder in the gym. The same will apply to you. You can achieve massive arm growth provided you are motivated, and that you specialise.


Step 2 – Specialisation


Note: This was a guest post for Return Of Kings – check their website out for mens self-development information.

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