How To Build Muscle – Part 4 – Building A Nutritional Foundation

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Parts 1, 2 and 3 are here, here and here. These will provide context for you if you haven’t read them yet.

Needs to try IF!

Building Your Base – Eating For Muscle Gain

So, now we know how to train correctly, in order for our journey to building Rome to be a profitable one. The question is, how do we eat?

Obviously, if we are building the foundation, we are seeking to gain muscle which requires food. Specifically, more calories than we’re burning.

Now, this is where the rest of the internet keeps screwing you all over:

You really DO NOT NEED VERY MUCH PROTEIN (relative to what everyone else is saying).

As long as you’re in a calorie surplus, and you’re not eating junk food all the time, it’s unlikely that you will be consuming inadequate quantities of protein. If you get your ass in a surplus, you will be hard-pressed to end up being deficient.

The myth of the 1 gram per pound of bodyweight is backed by marketing, not science.

Therefore, assuming we are training correctly to build the foundations, we need to focus on eating plenty of carbs, “clean carbs” if you like, not necessarily protein. Carbs are incredibly anabolic, and as long as you keep the calorie surplus relatively small, no, they will not make you fat.

In terms of clean vs dirty, just make sure the majority of your food provides plenty of nutritional value.

Muscle Gain Goals

Some good recommendations for those starting out their journey to gain muscle would be:

Total Calories = 16* bodyweight (pounds)

Protein – 0.75 grams per pound of bodyweight

Fats – 20-25% of calories

Carbs – The remainder

Total calories can, of course, be adjusted as you see fit, especially if you are particularly active or inactive. Protein requirements will remain constant though, and fats won’t change massively; the main variable is carbs.

Guys, you really don’t need supplements, just focus on your training and diet. The supplement industry is a joke as it is – simply eat more food over time, as you gain weight (which you will).

Appetite Strategies

Now, some of you will have very large appetites naturally (like myself), whilst others will struggle to eat enough food to gain muscle.

Therefore, we need to implements strategies that will help us to consistently hit our muscle gain goals (diet-wise). Many guys are very good for a few days here, a few weeks there. But, if your battle plan is off, you’re not going to succeed over the long-haul.

Guys who get fat easily, you need to put the fork down and chill. Intermittent Fasting will be your best friend. Also look into doing a couple of fun cardio sessions per week.

Lower meal frequencies tend to reduce the focus on food, moving your attention away from it (once you adapt to the lower frequency that is).

Less meals per day also means that inherently, for a given caloric budget, you will be more satisfied by any given meal.

On the other hand, if you’re a natural “skinny guy”, you want to do the opposite, and eat as frequently as possible. You need to stop being a pussy, and learn to enjoy food.

You will want to snack constantly throughout the day, never filling yourself too much at any one sitting (and shooting yourself in the foot by screwing up the rest of the day because you feel sick).

There you go, that’s how you eat correctly in order to build the foundations!

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