Men Over 40: How To Get The James Bond Physique

Men Over 40

Men Over 40


Daniel Craig (James Bond) had a great physique in the films Casino Royale and Skyfall. Casino Royale was filmed in 2006, whilst Skyfall was filmed in 2012.


This put him at age 38 in Casino Royale, and 44 in Skyfall. So technically, I’ll give it to you; he wasn’t in the Men Over 40 category in the first film.


But do you know what the impressive thing is?


He looks leaner in Skyfall. That’s right; he aged six years, and looked better. Amazing stuff.


It’s something I’ve been saying for a while now: Ageing is inevitable, but fat gain is a choice. And the reason why this is such a good thing, is that it means you have WAY more control over your body fat levels than you think you do.


Too many actors have proven this to be the case.


What You Can Learn


I think the first lesson from this is that mindset comes first. Guys like Daniel Craig prove what’s possible for guys like yourself if you actually place fitness as a legitimate priority in your life. And no, I have no reason to believe he’s on steroids – he certainly doesn’t look like he is.


Whereas other actors I’ve written about in the past absolutely look somewhat “suspicious”, to put it nicely. Now, as I’ve correctly said before, diet is what gets you shredded, not steroids. Steroids tend to make you gain weight (although I know there are exceptions that help you to dry out, but they aren’t going to suddenly blast all the fat off your body).


So these “suspicious” guys still had to diet hard to get down to 6-7% body fat.


But Daniel Craig is a great example of what you can achieve as a natural. But firstly, you have to adopt a winner’s mindset, and prioritise fitness as your number one goal.


If you keep making excuses about your age, or telling yourself that it’s impossible, or that x, y and z will always get in the way, then with all due respect, you’re full of shit.


A great tactic to keep yourself motivated for a goal that will span a multi-year period is to set monthly or quarterly goals for yourself, derived from the long-term goal.


Then, once you have the quarterly goals, set a countdown timer (use an app for this) as your wallpaper on your phone.


You can see the number of days left until your deadline (be it bodyweight, body fat % etc.)


Seeing the number of days count down from 90 to 89 to 88 to 87 sure as hell gets your ass moving.


It’s a great little trick – put it to good use.


How To Get The James Bond Physique


Most Men Over 40 are going to have to get a lot leaner in order to get the James Bond look. He’s legitimately quite lean in Skyfall. He’s also quite muscular.


So you’re likely going to need to do a bit of both – muscle gaining and fat loss.


If you’re a complete newbie to strength training, you can 100% do both at the same time. You can gain muscle using the James Bond program that I will be releasing soon, whilst sitting in a nice caloric deficit.


But if you’ve already been lifting weights for longer than a year, you’re probably better off operating at a caloric surplus for a while, on slightly higher carbs, and focusing on building for a while.


THEN cut down.


Either way, you’ll need to get leaner eventually, and you’ll therefore need to learn how to thrive in a calorie deficit.


The problem with Men Over 40 is that you guys are a little more catabolic than younger men. The tightrope you walk is narrower; a calorie surplus may set you too far in the fat gain direction, and a calorie deficit can really can risk your muscle mass.


Therefore everything has to be on point. Your level of discipline has to reach another level.


Men Over 40 must maximise everything; diet, training and testosterone:


  • Full-body workouts, three times per week.
  • High protein diets
  • Low sugar
  • ZERO alcohol (younger men can get away with a bit, you can’t)
  • Sleep like a baby (biggest one for testosterone)
  • Be careful with cardio


Three workouts per week leaves you the perfect amount of time off to recover, but if you do body-part splits with this set-up you aren’t going to get enough frequency or stimulation in. Full-body is the way forward.


High protein is obvious – you’re more catabolic at this age.


Sugar and alcohol are generally areas that younger men have a little more leeway with. If you’re over 40 and you’re dead serious on getting a great physique, you can’t afford to let this stuff slide. Both sugar and alcohol will also ruin your energy levels, your workouts and your testosterone function. Get rid.


Aside from the above, sleep is pretty much what will determine your testosterone function. And frankly, alcohol ruins your sleep so all this stuff is interlinked.


Cardio is a very effective tool for fat loss, just remember that strength training comes first – you don’t want to go overboard with cardio and have it interfere with your muscle growth/recovery.


That’s how you get cracking towards the James Bond physique.


Now just sit tight and wait for the James Bond program to come out.


In the meantime, grab yourself a personalised Intermittent Fasting meal plan to get your body fat shredding journey underway.


It’s the best way to permanently lower your body fat set-point to within striking distance of Daniel Craig’s physique, so that you can effortlessly maintain it year-round (like I do).


The only time you may want to deviate from 10% (or so) would be to focus on a building phase.


Currently these plans are priced at a ridiculously low £27 ($35)! 


But you need to ACT NOW to get your own personalised pathway to 10% body fat! The price will be going up (considerably) to at least $48 before the end of the month.


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