New James Bond Muscle Program – Coming VERY Soon!

Men Over 40

Men Over 40


I’m excited to announce that the James Bond program is currently in progress, and this program will solve a lot of problems for Men Over 40. Your typical problems being:


  • Non-existent testosterone
  • Stubborn fat
  • A puffy face
  • Poor sleep & recovery
  • Lower anabolism
  • Reduced strength
  • Man boobs
  • An estrogenic beer belly


Everything in this program is designed to reduce body fat, gain some muscle in the right areas, and dominate your testosterone levels. It will get you the physique pictured above if you’re disciplined and give it enough time.


Specifically, it will get you below 15% body fat, lose the beer belly and love handles, and sharpen up your overall appearance.


I’m not going to give away too many specific details, but you will receive in-depth instructions on every single workout session, rest intervals, timings etc. that I will never go into depth about on this blog, or in the email list.


You will have everything completely planned out for you, and the decision making is something you won’t even have to consider – it’s all laid out for you.


There is also an “injury-adapted” variation available – so you can change up the exercises to suit your needs if you have certain injuries that are holding you back. It covers everything.


You’ll also have access to some extra fat loss freebies.


And as always, you will of course have a lifetime money-back guarantee. This is because I’m confident you’ll be very happy with the value you gain from this program.


It’s almost time. Time to shed the fat and get the James Bond look.

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