The Warrior Program – Coming Soon


Edit: The official release date is Friday 10th May – put it in your calendar and set a reminder.

I’m excited to announce that The Warrior Program is underway, and I’m currently working on the bonuses (of which there are many!)

If you’re currently a skinny guy, then this is the program for you. If you have the typical problems of:

  • Looking too thin
  • Being too weak
  • Feeling smaller and inferior compared to other guys
  • Having twig arms
  • Not being able to bench 1.5* your bodyweight
  • Not knowing what to eat, or how much
  • Being full all the time, and feeling sick of food

Then you will find this program completely life-changing. You’ll look better, feel better and be more masculine.

Everything in this program is designed to get you more muscle, without losing your abs and gaining a load of bodywight.

It’s going to be the lean bulking masterclass, and you’ll gain over 10 pounds of pure muscle in each 5 month cycle (4 months lean bulking, 1 month mini-cutting).

It’s going to be great!

Everything is mapped out for you – training, diet, sleep and all these bonuses below:

  • The Arm Training Guide – this will get you python arms VERY fast
  • A Training Technique Video Demo – (you’ll see me performing all the big lifts AND arm work in the gym)
  • A 30+ Minute Podcast showing you exactly how to do Intermittent Fasting as a skinny guy
  • The Lean Bulking Guide – how to set up your diet in order to maximise muscle gain, and keep your body fat down (this is going to be an absolute life-changer for guys who can’t eat enough – carb timing, protein, fats, sleep etc.)
  • The Top 20 Foods List – the top 20 bulking foods you’re not eating.
  • The Vegan Foods List 

But make sure you get in there FAST, because these will only be available for ONE WEEK! After that, you will not be able to get these bonuses included.

And of course as always if you’re not happy, there is a 100% money-back lifetime guarantee.

I don’t want to jinx this, but I’ve had absolutely zero refunds for both the James Bond program, and also the IF meal plans (and I’ve sold a lot!)

So are you ready?

It’s almost time to transform your physique and get huge! It will be ready some time next month – stay tuned.

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