How To Gain Muscle Fast


Gain Muscle Fast

I’ll often get questions on Twitter or Instagram, asking me what the best way to gaining “lots” of muscle “as fast as possible” is.

Everyone wants the broad shoulders, narrow waistline, thick arms and the Superman chest. They’ve seen actors like Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth gain slabs of muscle, lose fat, and transform into superheroes.

And they want to know HOW!

Right now!

But the reality is that muscle takes a long time to build. The more experienced you are, the more true this is, assuming we’re not bringing drugs into the equation.

It takes months and months of breaking the muscle tissue down, building it back up, breaking it down further, building it back up further etc.

Almost like building a house.

However, fear not if you’re a beginner. The most anabolic period of your life as a natural, will be the first 12 months of lifting. 

Muscle mass gains upwards of 20 pounds are not uncommon – here’s how you do it…

Gain Muscle As Fast As Possible

The best training approach to gaining muscle fast is not the one proposed by so many gym ‘bros’ across the world – body part splits.

The problem with splits is two-fold:

  1. It doesn’t optimise the training stimulus per muscle group – the frequency is usually once per week, which isn’t enough.
  2. It doesn’t optimise recovery either – you’re in the gym too often and not taking enough time to recover and focus on food & sleep.

The better approach is to focus on mainly the compound lifts, minimising time spent on isolation work (curls, shrugs, flies etc.) and maximise your proficiency and time spent on the bench, squat, deadlift and overhead press.

This will save you time; giving you more total recovery time, and will give you your best ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of time spent in the gym.

Full body workouts will do the exact same thing in terms of ‘bang for your buck’, plus you get to stimulate each muscle group more frequently.

As a natural, this a requirement for maximum gains. Lower frequency than 2-3 times per week is simply not ideal. You’re ‘leaving muscle on the table’, to steal a business/financial phrase.

Now, the next question I invariably get is:

“How many sets per exercise should I do?”

Now that we’ve got the general training infrastructure in place; full body workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (usually) and a focus on the big, compounds movements, the details can get a little more complicated.

The number of sets you need to do will depend on your current goals and where you are in the overall progression scheme.

Training volume is similar to your calorie intake in the sense that your body does adapt to it eventually, assuming you’re not doing anything extreme. You’ll need to make changes to it to keep things progressing.

A good place to start however, is 3 sets per movement, per workout.

So this means 3 sets of bench press, squats and deadlifts, followed by 3 sets of various assistance exercises like rows, pull-ups, weak point training etc.

You don’t have to do ALL of the above in every workout, but you will want to make sure that the majority of your major muscle groups are hit every workout.

Gain Muscle Like James Bond

To get the James Bond look, you’ll need to gain some muscle and lose some fat.

This is why I’ve included a progressive overload scheme in the program that adapts the weights being used based on your performance week to week, and I’ve also designed the cardio training for you.

Both elements have the aim of slapping on thick layers of muscle whilst burning the blubber away.

You have a lot of value to gain with the James Bond program.

It’s not just a program that will get you repeatable, month-on-month muscle gains and improvements in testosterone, you also get a load of nice free stuff too:

  • The FREE Testosterone-Boosting Guide
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  • A lifetime money-back guarantee

On top of the repeatable, 4 week muscle building program.

With the above, you have a program with a solid, in-built progression scheme that, in theory, lasts FOREVER.

Plus you have an abundance of knowledge on discipline, diet & training thrown in for free.

Plus you dominate your testosterone levels once again. For free.

Plus email consulting with me. For free.

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