The Testosterone Take-Off Manual

Are you over 30?

Are you looking to live an all round High Testosterone Lifestyle?

If you answered yes, then you’re going to love this eBook.

This eBook is going to be a culmination of 11 years of experience and observations on testosterone, and specifically how to RAPIDLY increase them no matter what your starting point.

This book is very comprehensive, and it’s going to cover all your base, especially if you’re not interested in TRT.

You only want the natural solutions (which is the vast majority of my audience). So what exactly is this book going to do for you? It will help you:


  • Live the long-term lifestyle of a man who is 800+ testosterone
  • Become free from a mindset that is controlled by others
  • Become free from an estrogenic physique (man boobs, softness etc.)
  • Build a far higher level of Sexual Market Value


The problem with being low testosterone is that it impacts everything else in your life.

Once you fix your testosterone, you fix the problems.

No more man boobs.

No more lethargy.

No more weakness.

No more depression.

No more ‘low SMV problems’.

Once you’re at that level where you’re between 800-1200, your entire life changes. Your mindset, your energy, your muscle mass, your body fat %. All of this stuff improves when your hormones are where they’re supposed to be.

Sounds good?

Let’s look into the specific layout of the eBook:


  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – Testosterone Boosting Foods
  • Section 3 – Recovering Like A Lion
  • Section 4 – Dominating Your Hormones With Herbs
  • Section 5 – Supplementing Correctly For Testosterone
  • Section 6 – Building A Tribe (Men Need Brotherhood)
  • Section 7 – Getting Combat Ready
  • Section 8 – Building The High T Mindset
  • Section 9 – Estrogen Control
  • Section 10 – Stress Management


So there’s several sections in this book that I’ve either never talked about on this blog or on social media, or I’ve barely touched on. The reality is that you need a certain dose of all of them in order to have high testosterone in the modern world.

The goal of this book is to get you living the lifestyle of a man who has 800-1200 total testosterone.

So there’s a long-term focus with this, and it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Some men will need a stronger focus on some sections than others, naturally.

I’m very proud of this eBook, as it’s the longest piece of work I’ve ever produced. It’s the length of multiple dissertations.

RIGHT NOW, you can get it below for a mere $27: