ANNOUNCEMENT: The Max Discipline Coaching Program


Good news!

For those of you who were asking about/might be interested in coaching, I’m re-opening the Max Discipline Coaching program for a very brief time.

The guys who joined this program back in January are still clients (and they’re excellent clients too), but my reasoning for re-opening this program is partly due to the increased demand for this in my DMs, and partly because I have a little extra free time available due to completing other projects.

As the name implies, the goal of this program is to build your discipline levels to their maximum potential. Because once you do this, you can achieve anything you want:

  • 10% body fat.
  • 12% body fat.
  • Being fitter than you were when you were 25 years old.
  • High testosterone.
  • A 32 inch waist.

Whatever your goal is, discipline is your key to unlocking it.

Each man has different weaknesses. Some guys have a sweet tooth. Some guys are extremely busy entrepreneurs and struggle to stick to a training routine due to constant phone calls. Other guys don’t know how to get enough protein on OMAD.

Whatever the current weak area is, we will fix it.

What Do You Get In This Coaching Program?

1. Weekly Coaching Calls

These will be calls where we discuss your weak areas, your meal plan, your training program, and discuss how to improve upon these week on week.

There is no time limit to these phone calls, and you can follow up with unlimited questions via WhatsApp messaging. I also will send you a weekly email follow up with a detailed summary of our call, and a Weekly Action Plan for you to carry out.

2. All Of My Products & Services

As soon as you sign up, you will receive all products and services, including access to the IFFT members site (with incredibly popular podcasts on there).

3. All New Products

For as long as you are a part of the coaching program, you will also receive all NEW products I release throughout 2021 (and beyond this). I intend to have ~7 more new products/product updates this year, and TONS of new content added to the IFFT site, including video content. All of this is free for you if you’re a part of this coaching program.

4. Full Blood Work Analysis

Before our coaching calls begin, it’s highly advised that you get your bloodwork done in advance so that we both know exactly where you stand from a health standpoint (although you don’t have to). I will give you a full analysis of this (after some back and forth with you), with a real battle plan for optimising all of it.

5. Maximum Discipline Materials

These are written documents from various books, studies and journals, that will enable you to maximise your discipline levels in 2021. I’ve compiled all of the latest research into one area. You will have full access to all of this, and nobody else outside of this coaching program can access them. These are based on psychology, habit-formation, success principles etc.

The Opening Date

The Max Discipline Coaching Program will be re-opening on Friday 16th April, for 10 days only.

If you’re reading this and you’re one of the guys who was messaging me about coaching, this gives you a solid time frame to join the program and for me to set you up with the initial plans, documents, products etc.

The Deadline

There is a hard deadline with this coaching program, as my staff and I are going to need time to collect each individuals details, analyse bloodwork, set up coaching calls, and send out all the materials.

I also expect client work to take a significant amount of time each month, so I’ll need to be able to plan everything out in advance and not have any surprises that throw everything off balance.

The deadline for the Max Discipline Coaching Program is 25th April.

The link is here:

Join The Max Discipline Coaching Program

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