The Warrior Program: Update


It’s official!

The Warrior Program will be released Friday 10th May – put it in your calendar, diary, phone, set the reminders etc.

If you’re a skinny guy, it’s time to completely transform your appearance within five months. The entire program is geared towards muscle gain, whilst minimising fat gain.

It includes the full-body lifting program you’ll be following for the entire five month block AND the nutritional aspect, which of course will be Intermittent Fasting which will be your main tool for staying lean whilst packing on the mass.

It will be an IF, zero sugar, carb-cycling protocol with lots of meat, but I will also be making adjustments and recommendations for vegetarians too.

It’s not just the awesome program though.

You’re also getting an insane amount of value with the bonuses too (and these will only be available for ONE WEEK!):

The Lean Bulking Guide – This is your ‘how to’ guide for gaining as much muscle as possible without the fat. It goes into detail on how much weight gain you need to shoot for per month, how long you should lean bulk for before you do a mini-cut, and how to organise your eating plan around your training on a macro, long-term level.

The Intermittent Fasting Lean Bulking Podcast – This is a 30+ minute, how-to podcast that will break down exactly how to structure your Intermittent Fasting diet on a daily basis. How much protein, carbs and fats to eat, sleep, stress factors, carb-timing, and the crucial differences between your training days and off days. You need to time everything to perfection if you want to have a hugely successful lean bulk.

The Arm Training Guide – This is the ultimate guide on how to grow your arms to at least 15 inches, potentially A LOT bigger if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Video Demos – Shot by my younger brother, these training videos will show you exactly what to do every time you step foot in the gym. You’ll get technique tips, and a solid understanding of how to structure your time, particularly if you want to grow your chest and arms as fast as humanly possible (I know a lot of you do).

The Top 15 Lean Bulking Foods – This is a small but effective document that lists all the best foods to incorporate into your diet on a regular basis. Eat these and it’s a matter of time until you get huge.


After this, you’ll never see them again. No ifs, no buts.

Stay tuned.

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