How To Trick Your Mind To Get Fit Without Willpower


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When you’re coasting through the online fitness world, either on this blog or on Twitter, you will find many different ways to get ripped.

Different plans on how to fast properly, how to train properly, and all of that.

But most of you seem to be having issues with one specific problem: How to develop a mindset to keep doing it on a daily basis?

Get fit without willpower

Goals are for losers

Lets say your goal is to lose 20 pounds and build some muscle. For this you will need to hit the gym regularly. For example four times a week.

Many men now have the issue that they need a ton of willpower to get them going on that four days each week.

It is said that we only have a certain amount of willpower each day, before we just give in.

Personally, I don’t know if that is true, but even if it is, I noticed that you have much more willpower than you have been using. You will see this if you use the villain method I’ll get to in a second.

Either way, losing 20 pounds or even going to the gym four times a week are goals. And goals are for losers.

A goal without action is just a wish.

But even with action, most goals are way too vague, too far away, and too big to get work done. That’s why winners use systems!

Systems over goals and you win

A system is basically a collection of your goal, broken down into pieces, and set with specific actions and times.

For example, you don’t say you want to go to the gym four times a week, you say you go on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 5pm right after work.

Now you have a PLAN. Not just a wish.

However, you still need willpower, right?

Luckily, there are systems for this as well. Some smaller, some with more effort, but all of them are mindset systems. Here they are:

Get fit without willpower

Simple mindset tricks

System #1: Trick your mind with language

If you want to hit the gym four times a week, most will then ask themselves on the specific day, “Am I going to train today, or tomorrow?”

Big mistake.

What helped me the most in this case is shifting the language. I don’t ask myself IF I am going to train that day, but WHEN.

Now it is not a question if I train at all. This is set in stone. I WILL hit the gym 100%, I just need to figure out when in the day I will do it.

Don’t give yourself options to cop-out.

System #2: Train every day

This one is my personal favorite although I am aware that some personal trainers do not recommend training each day, because you need rest periods.

However, I don’t hit the gym every day, but each day I exercise for at least 15 minutes.

This way, I trick my brain again. I don’t even need to ask IF I will train that day or not, because every day is a training day.

The question doesn’t even come up!

There is no loophole. Every day I need to train and that’s it.

Advanced systems to get you going

System #3: The lazy trainer

This one is from Scott Adams himself, but I like the idea.

He has a pact with himself that he will at least drive to the gym and walk in, but he doesn’t have to train if he doesn’t feel like it.

This might sound like a cop-out, but it works for the following reason.

You know that the environment we are in shapes our actions and mindset. If you are around energetic, rich people, you tend to make more money (this has been proven). If you walk in a room with sad people (after a funeral for example), you pick up that mood.

It works the same for the gym.

Try to notice it consciously next time. When you walk in the gym, you automatically have a higher drive to exercise than before.

Because of all the other people working out!

And this is the key of the lazy trainer system. You trick your brain by telling yourself, “If we don’t feel like it, we leave again. Let’s just go there and see how it is.”

Scott says, it does happen that he drives to the gym and then still ends up leaving again. However, throughout the year, this usually happens two to three times. So it’s irrelevant.

Most of the time, the environment and seeing the other people work out will push you to do it yourself. But it was much easier to get there in the first place because you kept yourself a door open to just leave again.

System #4: The villain

This is one of the tools from Andrew Tate’s Iron Mind course.

Create a villain of yourself. 

Every hero story has a villain. You’re the hero, but you need someone to battle against. Someone who is just better than you.

You need to overcome your shortcomings to beat him.

The villain in this system is the jacked, ripped, and successful version of you. He IS you, just better.

And he hits the gym 100% according to his plan. No questions asked.

He does it every time.

This guy needs to be on your mind.

When you wake up, he is already ahead of you. This will give you great incentive to just do it. Think of your villain and how he has everything you want, because he lives his life intentionally, instead of accidentally.

This will null any questions you had if you train or not. Because your villain is already at the gym, winning. You must beat him!

Now, personally I use a combination of those systems. I have a villain list for most of my life’s situations and things I want to achieve, I train every day and thus trick my mind with language as well.

You can choose just one, or you use a combination of them. Doesn’t matter.

Just remember that it is all in your head!

And with these systems, you will make it reality, despite what your brain thinks!

Alexander Reich

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