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Intermittent Fasting


From now on, I will be sending out a weekly email to my subscribers containing the latest hot topic on fitness. I will review the questions I have received over the week from clients, Instagram and Twitter, and I will choose the best one.


I will answer it in the weekly email, giving a detailed response. I believe that this will help you tremendously in your fat loss and muscle gaining efforts. There will be a strong focus on long-term fat loss, fitting fitness around your lifestyle, and consistent physique improvements without bouncing up and down/yo-yo-ing for all eternity, because nobody wants that.


I play the long game as I know that it makes people happier.


Therefore, if you subscribe, you will:


  • Learn how to lose weight without yo-yo-ing like 97% of the population does every January and every beach season.
  • Learn how to gain muscle without getting fat – lean-bulking, like I have been doing recently.
  • Gain insight into time management for fitness goals within the context of a busy schedule, like mine.
  • Adapt your training & diet to fit around your lifestyle¬† – travel, work, social life, family, kids.
  • Boost your diet adherence and sustainability.
  • Stop binging on junk food.
  • Learn how to travel the world and get shredded, like I do.
  • Learn how to enjoy yourself and have a good social life whilst still losing the beer belly.


There’s a lot to be gained from subscribing – don’t miss out.


I will go into more detail about my personal life and strategies I’ve used in the past than I ever have before on my blog. There will be certain topics that you will never find out about if you only read the blog and don’t subscribe.


Furthermore, if you have a fitness question you would like to see answered, you need to subscribe and then simply reply to the email I send. Or send an email to forever.alphamale@gmail.com


These replies will be prioritised well ahead of questions I receive on social media.


If you want to subscribe to gain a further insight into how to travel, have a great social life, and fit fitness goals around your lifestyle, without regaining all of your weight, put your name and email into the form in the top right of the screen.


Very simple. Don’t miss out!

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