Are You Able To Lose 10 Pounds Per Month?


If you want to reclaim your health, your fitness and your entire life, then this may be your solution…

I love technology. It’s improved my life in many ways that previous generations could not even imagine. I’m now earning a solid location independent income. My dating life is ridiculously good, and ridiculously cheap and easy (compared to previous generations). I can track my fitness progress more easily than ever.

Having said this, technology brings other problems, indirectly.

Sedentarianism is probably the biggest fitness problem I can think of that has arisen largely due to technology. People now burn less calories due to technology on a daily basis due to their work, ease of acquiring anything they could possible want, and also ‘online relationships’ which DO damage people’s incentives to go out into the real world as often.

And yes, that last part 100% includes me – owning an online business. But the fact that I make up the calorie expenditure in other ways (training, walking, martial arts) makes it less applicable.

The problems with sedentarianism are that:

  • You will burn less calories, thus making it very difficult to lose fat
  • You have less caloric freedom, and less dietary freedom in general
  • You are more likely to screw up in the evenings with Intermittent Fasting, due to the permanent ceiling you have on caloric intake
  • You are more limited with your food choices – especially fats and carbs
  • You will completely screw everything up even if you make one error
  • You can’t have as many carbs (both ‘good’ and ‘bad’)
  • Your insulin resistance will be significantly worse (yes, I’ve ripped into this in the past, but it isn’t false at the same time)

Add This To Your Intermittent Fasting Plan

Walking three miles per day may change everything.

You increase your daily activity for minimal stress, absolutely no impact upon strength training and muscle gains, and frankly, it’s quite enjoyable depending upon where you go.

I’ve found that walking is honestly the least problematic form of cardio. HIIT, swimming, sports etc. are very, very effective due to the sheer calorie burn, but they definitely have the tendency to raise stress levels to high. And this of course can jeopardise muscle mass and also other life areas.

Increase your calorie expenditure.

Increase your fat loss.

Improve your physique, long-term, for the rest of your life.

Now, if you want weekly coaching for your training routine, and the exact cardio strategy you need to implement to shed the fat and reclaim your health, then I highly suggest looking into the Gold coaching package below:

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