4 Politically Correct Fitness Lies: An Analysis




Dani Shugart wrote an article on T Nation a while back, giving some great information on how to pursue your goals without being clouded by PC bullshit. I’ve spoken before about how we need to be careful to avoid the Herd Mentality and how Fat Acceptance is complete and utter insanity. Dani goes into great detail in this blog post on why all this PC nonsense is damaging.


Body Love


Body love is indeed crucial. Self love and self confidence is kind of the foundation of everything for men. Your relationships are important, your money is important, your freedom is crucial, your health is crucial. But none of it will make you happy if you don’t at least like yourself.


The problem is that your actions must be conducive to self-love.


You can’t just tell yourself to love youself and end up magically loving yourself. If that worked we wouldn’t see so much insecurity on social media. Facebook and Instagram are the worst. This stuff takes time and lots of work. Loving yourself requires:


  1. Multiple powerful achievements
  2. Overcoming fears and difficult challenges (goal setting)
  3. Maintenance of integrity


Being fifty pounds overweight is not conducive to self love. Instead, losing weight, overcoming fears and difficult challenges, and general self-development will make it impossible not to love yourself, assuming your integrity remains intact.


Reminding yourself of how overweight you are and how everyone should love you regardless is not self love, it’s entitlement. Entitlement leads to anger and general bad feelings. Not good.


Judging Other People


It’s supposedly a criminal offence to judge other people these days, even if it’s based on their behaviours. I judge men positively and expect positive things from them if they appear to be honest, hardworking and disciplined. Does this make me evil? I judge people based on their actions and behaviours, and this can be positive or negative. Does this make me evil? I don’t think so.


The people who talk about judging other people are in fact judging those people for judging other people. In fact, you’re judging me with every word that I type, and frankly, you’d be mad not to. Can you see how stupid all of this becomes? Everyone judges everyone. End of story. Society once again tries to deny basic human instincts and it causes nothing but confusion and arguments.


Train For This Goal Or That Goal, Otherwise You’re Just Another “X”


If you train for size, you’re a gayboy. If you go on a diet to become more chiseled, you’re a woman. If you train for strength, you’re a meathead. I wrote about this crap and how listening to other opinions when it comes to this stuff is a complete waste of time in the first link in the first paragraph – The Herd Mentality. They don’t even know what they want themselves so ignore them.


Train for whatever goal will make you the happiest and/or solve your biggest pain point/problem.


The rest is white noise.


Everyone wants to look good, especially to the opposite sex. Some care more than others, sure, but there’s no need to bash people for this as it’s a basic biological instinct for people, especially if they aren’t already getting laid as often as they’d like. That’s the bottom line. Bashing people for this is crazy. Just because you’ve failed to lose weight doesn’t mean everyone who succeeds is “gay”. Or just because you don’t know how to program and eat to gain muscle doesn’t mean everyone who does it successfully is a “vain loser”.


Train for whatever goal you want.


The “shaming language” I used to receive in regards to fitness used to come from people who were over 30% body fat. Tells you everything really. It is jealously the vast majority of the time. I receive shaming language for other things now, and it’s 100% jealousy, nothing else.


When you prove that you’re achieving something that other people want, but either can’t, or won’t put in the work to achieve, the result is often jealousy.


Comparing Yourself To Others Can Be Useful, Under Certain Circumstances


Obviously, people are competitive, and it can be very useful to compare yourself to others to see how you’re progressing and use it as motivation. It can be great seeing yourself overtake people who you used to look up to. But, it’s important that your comparisons need to be realistic. You don’t want to be setting goals to be the world’s best in anything, as this (despite all the sensationalist headlines that make for great news) is a recipe for depression.


Instead, set some objective, functional goals for health and fitness, and then see how far you can take them. Don’t take comparisons to the extreme. Most of the time you are going to want to compare youself to your previous self, i.e. self-development. This is the best way to keep the positive momentum going, and spread out small bursts of happiness over time.


Don’t compare yourself to elites, men twenty years younger than you, or people who weigh a completely different bodyweight to you. Compare yourself to yourself, and to comparable people, and use all of this as motivation.


Also, only use Instagram for motivation. If you’re constantly feeling shit from looking at certain pictures, stop. Focus on your personal goals, your plan to hit them, and keep consuming useful, informative content. Sod Instagram.




Have a read of Dani’s article, she gives a great detailed explanation of why PC views are only going to hold you back with fitness (and just about any other endeavour really, can you see why PC is literally the sign of a declining society?)


Instead, just do what you need to do and ignore the rest – it just makes it too complicated.


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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