THIS Is What Is Missing In The Fitness Industry: An Analysis


Fitness Industry


Omar Isuf recently posted a video on YouTube here, on authenticity and why it’s so important within the context of the modern era, with the rise of Social Media etc. There is a lot of bullshitting in the fitness industry, which is in the Stone Age in a lot of ways compared to many other industries.


I completely agree with him and I think we need to see a little more honesty. The problem with the majority of the stuff we see in regards to what is attainable naturally and effective supplements etc. is that it’s all very misleading. I can tell you from first hand experience that very, very intelligent people fall for this crap over and over again.




Most Instagram physiques you see on a regular basis are not natural. They are chemically enhanced. That’s just the way it is. Here’s a little story if you’re not convinced:


The other day I was sat in my friend’s kitchen, and he was scrolling through instagram. He saw a very popular fitness guy pop up. He asked me “Alex, what do you think of him? Is he natural?” Now my friend is a smart guy. He also has years of experience in the gym himself, so it’s not like he’s clueless when it comes to the fitness industry. But this meathead he was asking me about was clearly on the sauce. It couldn’t be any clearer (at least to me), yet he was still fooled. Let me demonstrate.


Most professional athletes; rugby players, american footballers, boxers, mma fighters etc. are on steroids. Most will be on small amounts, small being less than one gram of gear. Pro rugby players and american football players are enormous by the way. Most easily surpass the FFMI index of 25, making them very, very unlikely to be natural. Drug tests DO NOT WORK, before you throw that one at me. Professional athletes that get caught for doping have screwed up their gear plan badly. They are all on gear, but most will not get caught.


Next up, you have guys who are ex WWE wrestlers, with several of them being actors now. As always, I’m not naming names to cover my ass, but you can figure out who I’m talking about. These guys are another level from pro rugby players. Their FFMI’s are in excess of 27. Yet they still claim natural. Uh, okay.


The next level up from these guys is Arnold Schwarzenegger (!!!) who was on steroids since he was 15 years old, and was on a LOT OF SAUCE at his peak. I can use his name as he was honest about this stuff. We’re talking serious amounts of hormones guys. Multiple grams of gear and lots of orals on top of this. Arnold had an FFMI of around 28. This is enormous.


The very popular Instagram physique my friend was asking me about (and happened to be claiming natural)… even bigger than Arnold.


Let that sink in.


Arnold was on huge amounts of gear. This Instagrammer is even bigger than Arnold. Yet he’s claiming he isn’t on a single drop of juice. Okaaaaaaaaaay. He is literally sitting there in front of a camera, in front of you guys, lying you your faces whilst his arms are bigger than his head. Come on guys, really?


This is why the whole fitness industry is a joke, and you need to open your eyes to it. I thought it was obvious who was on gear and who is natural, but it clearly isn’t.


None of this affects me directly, but the problem with it is that it affects me indirectly due to people’s expectations of what is possible. They say they want to look like “x” and I really can’t be bothered telling them that it will never happen. Not only this, but they are being scammed over and over again, as supplements are being linked to this unrealistic physique. I don’t know if people will ever learn from this. How many tubs of BCAA’s do people need to buy before they realise they don’t make any damn difference?


It took me a couple of years pissing money down the drain on supplements that don’t make any difference. And I’m one of the most objective consumers the fitness industry will have. Yet it still took me ages to realise that:


A) Supplements don’t work (bar possibly creatine)

B) They are clearly full of shit when they are using insane physiques to sell you these supplements




Omar also talks about the bullshit marketing in a lot of detail in the video. He talks about how these supplements are linked to:


  1. Physiques with FFMI’s of 28+
  2. Lavish lifestyle’s
  3. Inspirational quotes
  4. And other bullshit that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual supplements themselves


And you know why all this shit works?


Because people are always looking for shortcuts in our current society. It’s screwing everyone over. This is why I talk about hard work and that nothing will ever trump it. If you have big goals, then the only thing that will work for you is hard work.


Even if you want to take gear, you will still need to learn how to eat properly. This is a skill that’s non-negotiable, whether you’re on the sauce or not. By the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking steroids. In fact, I think drugs should be legalised everywhere. What is wrong is lying to the world about it.


The message that a supplement gives you a lavish lifestyle is absolutely ludicrous if you ask me, but people fall for it. A lavish lifestyle comes from money, freedom and various other things, not a supplement.




What we need is a little more honesty, as this will teach people how to fish for themselves, rather than being dependent on some useless supplement that does nothing. It’s very important that none of you fall for this crap. If you want to lose weight, a calorie deficit will do that, not a supplement. Supplements DO NOT WORK!

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