3 Reasons You Should Have Non-Fitness Goals




I talk a lot on here about fitness goals and health goals, but goals are something we should have in all the key areas. Unless you’re already completely sorted in life financially, lifestyle-wise, relationships-wise etc. which very few people are, then we always need to be progressing.


I would argue that even if you are “perfect” in terms of the overall lifestyle you want, you still need some form of progression to prevent boredom and depression etc. but I guess that’s another post for the future.


Without goals it’s going to be kinda difficult to get what you want out of life, unless you happen to get incredibly lucky and it falls into your lap. But by definition, you can’t count on luck, as you have no idea whether or not you will get lucky.


On a slight tangent, I’ve noticed that many people seem to be convinced that anyone who does any better than them (particularly financially or in terms of career progression) is by default, lucky in some way. Statistically, people who are lucky are rare. Most people who have done well have simply worked hard. Not all of them are lucky – I have no idea where this mindset comes from, and it’s not helpful at all.


So yeah, goals are kind of useful. But very few people actually set them. So, here are three benefits to having goals:


Number 1 – You Get What You Want


In the gym, this means you are going there and training for a reason. With no vision, there is no reason to push past the barriers. You’re just training for training’s sake. You need to know what you want to improve.


Same thing in the workplace. Why are you there? If it’s just to pay the bills, you’re not going to go very far. Wheareas if there’s a larger overall goal with it all, you will get through the bullshit faster. Just working to pay the bills is a guaranteed life of slavery. No body actually wants a life of slavery, but if you look at their actions, they would indicate otherwise.


You must want more than slavery, and set a goal to get this. Otherwise, what do you get? Slavery. Bad, bad, bad.



Number 2 – It Makes You More Outcome Independent




Outcome independence basically means you care less about external outcomes. It’s a very useful state to be in, as it means your happiness is determined to a greater extent by your own actions, and this is good. You don’t want the world to dictate how your journey through life goes; it won’t be kind to you.


However, you will be kind to yourself. So you need to be in charge. Incredibly important as a man – nobody else will take care of you beyond age 18, which should be obvious, so you have to do this yourself. Examples:


  • Your employer will not take care of you forever – technology, your own age and the economy are all factors here.
  • Your girlfriend/wife will not take care of you (I hope this one’s obvious).
  • Your government (and the legal system) will actively try to screw you over more often than not, let alone take care of you into your old age.


With all this in mind, having your own internal goals will make you more self-sufficient and less at the mercy of the external world. By the way, this is another key point:


Your goals must be made with yourself as the priority, they can’t be made in order to please your dad, kids, friends, boss etc. That won’t work. They’ve gotta be based upon self-sufficiency if you want to be outcome independent. 


Number 3 – They Are Exciting As Hell


You want to look incredible and lose 40 pounds of pure body fat? Pretty cool.


You want to travel around South America for 3 months? Very exciting.


You want to earn an extra £20k per year? Nice.


People without any goals tend to be boring, and have little going on. Not always, but there is a correlation. Some people are fascinating regardless of goals, and it’s a subjective thing, but goals will make you more interesting without doubt.




Sure, have your fitness goals, but I think it’s a great idea to have some over-arching lifestyle, non-fitness goals. These may (or may not) include:


  • Income goals
  • Savings/Investments goals
  • Travel goals
  • Family goals
  • Working hours goals
  • Business goals
  • Social life goals


You will eventually get the kind of life you want, you will be more outcome independent (and happier), and will be a more interesting and exciting person to be around.


Set some goals!


If you enjoyed this article and are motivated to lose weight, feel free to check out my coaching services here. Thanks, I appreciate it.


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