How To Bounce Back & Dominate Your Fitness Goals After A Vacation


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You’ve been away to an exotic location for a while, you’ve enjoyed yourself (possibly too much), and life has been great. Sun, nice food, nice drinks and good company were a regular part of your vacation life, but now it’s “back to reality”. Now it’s time to get fit again and lose the blubber. Problem is, there seems to be more of it than ever. How do we go about destroying that fat with no stalls, no cock-ups and no hassle?


Let’s get into it.


Return Of The King


Although I realise it can be incredibly tempting, you DO NOT want to dive into a huge calorie deficit. When you’ve just returned from your vacation, you may well have gained upwards of 10 pounds. I know I have done in the past. You think:


“Well I gained it so easily, I can definitely lose it nice and quicky and be back to square one…then the diet starts properly”


No, no, no. You must avoid this temptation.


The thing is, gaining fat is always ridiculously easy. Too easy. Losing it is never easy, and there are always unseen consequences associated with fat loss. By this, I mean that even though you may be able to lose 5-10 pounds really quickly after a vacation, this doesn’t mean that it won’t come back to bite you on the arse in another few weeks time (or less).


Because you cut the fat too quickly, your body goes into panic mode, hunger signals go through the roof, cravings explode, and stress catapults into the stratopshere. Bad, bad, bad. Avoid the temptation to slash calories at all costs.


Instead, manage the calorie drop, manage stress, and you have far better long-term fat loss potential. Drop your calories, definitely. Clean up the diet and stop being a pig, definitely. But don’t push it too far. A 10% reduction will suffice.


Optimise Your Gym Routine For The Long-Term


Another evil temptation that more emotional guys fall for EVERY SINGLE TIME (I’m laughing as I type) is trying to compensate for the lack of gym-work they performed on vacation, by goingto the gym every single day when they return. Stupid.


Not only is this clearly not going to last for time management reasons and overall life reasons, but it will also de-motivate the hell out of you. Nobody enjoys spending 15-20 hours in the gym every week for any longer than about one week. Crazy. And pointless, actually.


Instead, set a program to get yourself in there 2-4 times per week, with a decent bit of cardio on top. Not every single day. Lift weights, do a decent bit of cardio and train hard. But don’t overdo it. You won’t sustain it, plus, when you do hit a “wall”, which you will do (we all do), then you have nowehere else to go training-wise. You’ve played all your cards already. You’re screwed.




Cut your calories, drop your carbs, clean your diet up, and train your ass off. Do all these things. But don’t starve yourself, go cold turkey on anything, or try to go to the gym every day.


Rather, integrate your fitness plan into your overall lifestyle. This will make it more enjoyable and thus, sustainable. Here’s how to dominate your return to fitness:


  • Cut your calories by 10%
  • Reduce your carb intake by 50g (or so), and this is a part of the 10% calorie drop, obviously
  • Drink more water
  • Train hard in the weight room, and do several cardio sessions per week. But make sure you have a day off in between each gym session. I want you to stay hungry for more fitness success, not burn out too soon.
  • Have sometime off alcohol if you wish, but don’t expect it to last “cold turkey”, allow yourself some if you really want some with your meal on the weekend, for example.


There ya go. Get to work (the proper way) and you will see the fat melt off sustainably. This won’t be quite as rapid as the ususal way, but it will still be fairly quick, and you will actually keep it up for a lot longer. Miles better.


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