How To Perform Hanging Leg Raises


Hanging leg raises for abs, are one of the most powerful exercises you can perform if you want to get a six pack.

Especially when you combine them with crunches and planks as a finisher (ouch, they’re going to be sore tomorrow!)

But first, let’s look at why you should look at these as a primary ab exercise.

Hanging leg raises

Benefits Of The Hanging Leg Raise

  • It’s the most effective lower ab workout there is
  • It targets a combination of the rectus abdominis, the frontal oblique, and your lower back (fantastic for overall deadlift/squat strength, and preventing injuries)
  • It reduces injury risk in all major compound movements – the Big Six – squat/bench/deadlift/press/row/pull-ups
  • It allows your body to function properly as a unit (a weak core and lower back leads to never-ending problems)
  • All you need is a pull-up bar
  • It also works your lats, and may be a solid assistance movement for pull-ups if you currently struggle in that area

So the overall point I’d like to highlight here, is that there’s many strong residual benefits. It’s not just an effective ab exercise for your six pack.

It’s also a total strength exercise, and plays a major supporting role in some of the more taxing ‘big lifts’.

Executing The Technique

Here’s a video of me doing the hanging leg raise at home (all you need is a pull-up bar or something similar):

Some extra tips to be aware of:

How To Incorporate Hanging Leg Raises Into Your Training

There’s two major routes you can take with this stuff.

Path A)

If you fall into the Men Over 40 category, and follow my advice of ‘train 3 times per week, full body style’, then your best option is to do hanging leg raises at the end of each training session.

I’d recommend doing 2-3 sets of high reps. Perhaps 10 or more, but of course this depends on how many you can do in the first place. Challenge yourself.

If you want to see exactly what this looks like in a training system for Men Over 40, check out the James Bond program:

Path B)

If you’re a younger man who is perhaps more focused on mass building, and you’re doing a 4 day upper lower split, this is where it could get interesting.


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