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Get The ADF Bulking Program (For Skinny Guys)

If you’re looking too skinny and you want to gain 10-20 pounds of solid muscle, WITHOUT any major fat gain, and WITHOUT feeling bloated all the time, then this program is for you.

You KNOW you need to eat more quality calories on a consistent basis in order to gain muscle, but have never found a sustainable eating system that puts all this on autopilot.

If this describes you, I’ve got something you’re going to love…

The ADF Bulking Program gives you ALL the Training, ADF Eating and Recovery resources required to build 10+ pounds of lean muscle each 5 month cycle, without losing your definition and six pack abs.

Stick to this program, and you’ll get the Superman physique in no time.


Whether you’re brand new to training, or experienced.

Young or old.

This system helps you pack on the rock-hard muscle in all the right places, by focusing on the Big 6, Alternate Day Fasting (this is the key to gaining zero body fat), and Sleeping Like A Lion.

Okay, but as you’re probably asking…who is this guy?

Let me tell you…

I’m Alex Clewlow, and after eight years of messing around with different training styles, rep/set schemes, and programs, I’ve decided to ignore the old-school advice of body part splits, and implement a far more efficient system instead.

Upper/Lower workouts are far better for overall recovery, muscle gain, and efficiency. You need to gain lean tissue consistently, and this 4 day a week training system is the ideal balance between volume and recovery (three days off).

In fact, this is the very system I used to lean-bulk my way to a 1.7* bodyweight bench press, a 2.7* bodyweight deadlift, and allows me to perform 15+ chin-ups with 20kg around my waist.

YOU can do the same.

If you get powerful in the main movements, you’re getting a bigger chest, bigger arms, and a more powerful and well-rounded physique.

End. Of. Story.

You’re also going to combine this with my Alternate Day Fasting protocol, which will keep you lean, and stop you from doing the typical ‘bulking bro’ nonsense and becoming obese by the time the bulk has finished.

Higher calorie days on your training days. Fasting on your off days.

This is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL for skinny guys who need to focus on getting big and strong on the big compound movements, but without losing the definition they naturally have.

You may be asking why you’re not training 18 times per week?

Because recovery is the most under-rated part of the muscle gain equation.

Recovery means getting your diet right.

Your post-workout meals, your snacks, your macros.

Also your sleep(!) (more on this in a second).

Why else don’t you want to be training every day?

Well, the main issue for skinny dudes, is that it’s taking the focus away from where it needs to be…


  • Squat
  • Bench
  • Deadlift
  • Standing Press
  • Barbell Rows
  • Pull-Ups

I’m telling you for a fact that if you get really good in those six, you’re going to be a big, strong sonofabitch (with big arms too – more on this below).

You NEED to get powerful in these movements, THEN focus on the ‘pump work’, arms and weak point training.

This is pretty much the ‘secret’ to gaining 10+ pounds of muscle every 6 months.

So, here’s what you’re going to get:

  • A “Gain Muscle Fast” Program Overview
  • 4 Day Upper/Lower Split
  • A Strong Focus On The ‘Big 6’ For Your Training
  • AMRAP sets every workout to hit PR’s
  • Weekly Progression
  • 4 Week Training Microcycles (Week 4 = Deload For Injury Prevention) 
  • 5 Month Macrocycle (Expect 10 Lbs Of Muscle Per Macrocycle)
  • Alternate Day Fasting Protocol
  • Macro Calculations For Now AND In Future Months
  • The Sleep Like A Lion System (Worth $47 Alone)

I’m not joking with the Sleep Like A Lion system.

This would be a powerful muscle-gaining product alone.

It covers the 7 killers of a sound night’s sleep, and many other environmental game-changers for your recovery.

The Alternate Day Fasting Protocol shows you how to really jack up your calories on your training days, and then how to eat your high protein/lower carb meals on fasting days.

Plus, you get these FREE Bonuses:

  • The Arm Training Guide – this will get you python arms VERY fast
  • A Training Technique Video Demo – (you’ll see me performing all the big lifts AND arm work in the gym)
  • A 30+ Minute Podcast – showing you exactly how to do Intermittent Fasting as a skinny guy
  • The Lean Bulking Guide – how to set up your diet in order to maximise muscle gain, and keep your body fat down (this is going to be an absolute life-changer for guys who can’t eat enough – carb timing, protein, fats, sleep etc.)
  • The Top 20 Foods List – the top 20 bulking foods you’re not eating.

The Arm Training Guide is going to get you python arms – it’s a periodised guide to building your arms over the five month training program.

The Training Technique Video Demo will show you how to get a bigger bench, bigger arms, and how to build your weakest body parts in the gym.

The 30+ Minute Podcast shows you the ‘how to’ in terms of the IFLB (Intermittent Fasting Lean Bulking) protocol. This is exactly what YOU need to do if you want to build your physique whilst staying lean.

The Lean Bulking Guide will show you largely how much of each macro you need to be eating, when to eat carbs (carb-cycling), supplements, and how all this ties in with training and sleep.

The Top 15 Foods List will show you exactly which foods you’re missing out on. The top 10 should build the baseline of your IFLB protocol, and then the next five will take you to the ‘next level’ once you’re stalled out with muscle gain.

As always, you get a rock-solid, lifetime money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the program, then I will refund every penny right back to you!


So you’d think that this muscle gaining system would be pretty damn expensive, right?

It’s a program AND an eating system AND a recovery system.

Well, it is going to be >$127 in the future.

But right now?

It’s an absolute steal at $57.

More than 50% OFF!

Make sure you capitalise on this deal before the price DOUBLES. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work towards the Superman/Henry Cavill physique. Don’t miss it.

Click the Buy Now button below and grab The IF Muscle System, and the five FREE bonuses, for $57:

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