The Indian Diet


The Indian Diet

So after writing this thread on Twitter and receiving some comments (both positive and negative), I thought I’d expand a little on the Indian diet.

Some of the negative comments included things like – “don’t eat lentils ever again!” Or, “you don’t know what you’re talking about, the Indian diet is really high protein, fuck you!”

The former coming from a Carnivore, and the latter coming from an Indian who hates Brits for historical reasons just to give you a little context.

And the funny thing is, if these guys were genuinely happy and content with their physiques they wouldn’t be following me, a fat loss account, on Twitter. They know being over 25% body fat sucks, and deep down they want to change it.

As Richard Cooper says “haters are simply confused admirers”.

Defending a diet that not only doesn’t serve you, but actually damages your health & appearance makes no sense at all to me. But I’m unusually rational when it comes to food and other topics where people lose their shit at the drop of a hat.

Diet, food and culture may piss people off, but it doesn’t change objective reality. The reality is that the Indian Diet is very low in protein, and this hyper-emotional commenter proves my point for me.

He goes on to list what an average day may look like following The Indian Diet, for a man who is actually paying attention to his protein intake, I may add.

The Indian Diet – An Average Day

He talks about:

  • Chickpeas
  • Curd & roti for breakfast (25g of protein)
  • Daal, roti, and vegetables (6-7g of protein)
  • Milk (500ml – 16g of protein)

And then a very telling comment that really gives his game away:

“Our nutrition has fallen. it’s sad. however I don’t follow the West like my peers. they are very obsessed with the West. I keep my Indianess alive. I am completely veg, have no supplements yet managed around 65-75g protein a day easily (I have high as I workout).”

This dude hates the west, and to be fair I can empathise with that – I’m not a huge fan in some regards. But his complete insistence on ‘keeping Indianess alive’ is severely damaging his ability to get leaner, stronger, and healthier.

Emotions and ‘feelz’ aside, let’s look at the numbers:

65-75g of protein per day is almost laughable, it’s not something to boast about. The only exception to this I can think of, is if you’re about 110 pounds (50kg) AND your only goal is to pack on as much weight as humanly possible, without any care for fat gain.

I highly doubt this applies to you or him.

A protein intake this low is going to:

A) Make muscle retention FAR harder when you’re going from 20%, down to 15%, down to 10%. Good luck maintaining your muscle when you start getting leaner – you’ve got absolutely no chance.

B) Make fat loss itself FAR harder, because there’s just not enough protein there to keep you satiated, again, once you start getting leaner. You won’t be full, and you won’t be able to stick to your calorie deficit over the long-term.

C) Make muscle gain FAR harder when you do want to switch into ‘building mode’ and you want to build that muscular infrastructure. There’s just not enough ‘building blocks’, assuming you weigh more than 110 pounds or so.

Which leads us nicely onto the question: “How much protein should you be eating?”

Your Protein Intake

The Golden Standard for your protein intake that I’ve recommended in terms of grams/BW, and is the general pattern that my Indian IF meal plans follow (averaging out across the week), is the following:

Approximately 0.8g per pound of bodyweight, if you’re over 25% body fat.

Approximately 0.9g per pound of bodyweight, if you’re 15%-25% body fat.

1g+ per pound of bodyweight once you get <15% body fat.

So let’s take the average guy who is 170 pounds @ 20-25% body fat. Is 65-75g of protein going to be enough to get him lean, muscular and chiselled?

Absolutely not.

He will need at least…..AT LEAST 153g of protein if he wants effortless fat loss and muscle retention within the context of Intermittent Fasting.

And can you simply eat more of the higher protein Indian foods to jack up your protein from 65 to 153 grams of protein, without kicking yourself out of a calorie deficit?

Absolutely not.

And this 153g of protein is exactly what you’ll be getting in the Indian IF meal plans that I’ve recently released. In fact, depending on your current bodyweight, you may well be eating 200g+ of protein on the higher protein days. No joke. And this is while being in a calorie deficit, obviously.

Plus, there’s multiple recipes in there that are designed to keep your sugar, carbs and excessive fats WAY down, which of course will make fat loss easier for you.

I also highly recommend that if you’re not already lifting weights, holy crap, start lifting. It improves your life in many ways including confidence, health, energy, sex appeal etc., but specifically we’re focusing on muscle building/maintenance while getting lean.

For this purpose, I recommend (a little biased, of course) the Fighter Program for younger guys who want to get as ripped as possible (<10% body fat), and the James Bond program for Men Over 40 who want to undo their Dad Bods and get healthier.

Combine the correct diet with efficient training, and you’ll be lean and muscular before you know it.

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