The Fighters Program

Are you sick of seeing stubborn belly fat, love handles and chubby cheeks in the mirror?

This program will fix that.

Are you an ambitious man looking to reveal your abs, chiselled jawline and striated physique, without starving, and without rebounding like 97% of the population?

This is the program for you.

The Fighters program will allow you to lean down FAST, and will get you down to a shredded 8% body fat. Abs, striated shoulders and a chiselled chest are all to be expected.

This is THE most aggressive fat loss program I have ever created.

Whether you’re brand new, or have been training for years, this program works. If you’ve been training for a long time, this program will help you to reveal your muscular foundation.

If you’re a newbie, you can achieve the best of both worlds:

You can build your foundation, while getting shredded ALL at the same time.

Okay, but how exactly is this program going to allow you to do this?

Let me tell you…

Because you’re going to be cutting the fat so aggressively, you’re going to need to spend more time in the gym than I usually recommend – both lifting AND cardio.

You’ll hit the weights four times per week, following an upper/lower split. After each intense training session, there will be some fat-blasting cardio.

This way you can burn the fat as fast as humanly possible, while still maintaining (or even building) your muscular foundation.

This training setup, when combined with Intermittent Fasting is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL if you want to hit 8% body fat.

I have tens of thousands of Twitter followers, thousands of email subscribers, and many clients, all of whom tell me how much their lives have changed since they began losing fat, and working towards the single-digit body fat %’s.

You look more chiselled and handsome.

You look more powerful, sharp, and masculine.

You feel better within yourself.

Being over 20% body fat or so, sucks.

And the sad thing is, most diets and training programs WILL NOT help you to fix that, over the long-term.

You’ll do it for a while, maybe lose a little weight, but it always ends up seeming to creep back on, and this isn’t good enough, and it’s not what you really want.

Whereas this program’s diet component is based on the 16:8 ‘Caveman’ version of Intermittent Fasting, which is the eating system I use to make fat loss as easy and natural as humanly possible.

16:8 is the most common method, but in this program, the food choices are 100% focusing on ‘Caveman Foods’.

You’ll hit the shredded, 8% body fat, without the usual ‘yo-yo’ cycle, and your life will change forever.

Looking like a male model and feeling better than you ever have done before, it a guaranteed ‘life amplifier’.

Everything and everyone ends up responding better to you, and if you’re yet to experience this, then you’re missing out.

Big time.

Here’s what you’re going to get in the Fighters program:

  • The 4 day-a-week lifting program (upper/lower split)
  • The Intermittent Fasting 16:8 meal plan for a whole week
  • The HIIT cardio routine
  • An entire video course (worth $197!) that walks you through the step-by-step process of getting down to 8% body fat, regardless of your current position (phase one simply lasts longer if you’re currently overweight)

Video Course Phase 1 – Getting down to 15% body fat.

Video Course Phase 2 – Getting down to 10% body fat.

Video Course Phase 3 – Getting down to 8% body fat.

In each phase, I cover the exact calorie, macro, measurement, training and cardio requirements for each stage. I also talk about sleep, supplements, and general lifestyle choices. Critical.

This video course itself is worth $197.

Plus, you get these FREE Bonuses:

  • The ‘How To Sky-Rocket Your Discipline’ podcast
  • The ‘Injury Prevention’ IFFT Newsletter (August 2019 edition)
  • My ‘Guide To Rapid Fat Loss’ bonus

All included.

The ‘How To Sky-Rocket Your Discipline’ podcast is going to be a really helpful addition, as you’re going to need a LOT of discipline in order to hit 8% body fat, and it’s going to give you all the key ingredients for maximum discipline.

The ‘Injury Prevention’ IFFT Newsletter will allow you to keep on lifting and burning calories without running into progress-killing lower back pain, rotator cuff injuries, or tight hamstrings. VERY important for long-term progress.

My ‘Guide To Rapid Fat Loss’ Bonus will give you all the tools and materials you need in order to get down to 8% body fat. I include the specifics for guys who are over 20% body fat, and then the specifics for guys who are currently leaner (there’s a few key differences here).

These are going to be tremendously helpful in assisting you in your pursuit of 8% body fat.

As always, you get a rock-solid, lifetime money-back guarantee, so if you’re not happy with the program, then I will refund every penny right back to you!


Warning: This program contains intense weight lifting, and a decent amount of cardio on top of it. If you want this program to get you down to a lean, chiselled 8% body fat (like Tyler Durden), then you’re going to HAVE TO commit.

If you buy this program, make sure you’re ready.

Cool? Cool.

Now that you’re ready, I have a final question to ask you.

Do you think this program is worth the price of a Friday or Saturday night in town?

Do you think it might just be worth sacrificing a little alcohol in order to get the appearance that you’ve always wanted? The appearance that makes the rest of the world open up to you immediately?

I think it probably is.

If you’re ready to get the Tyler Durden physique, click the Buy Now button below and grab the program and all the bonuses, for $97: