How I Went From 17% Body Fat To 9%

Intermittent Fasting

Today I’m going to give you the big three factors that transformed my physique from a bloated one, into an Apollonian one.

This is an important post, as I’ll be 100% honest as always, and will be detailing everything you need to know.

If you copy these three factors to a T, you can replicate my results in your own life.

Intermittent Fasting Transformation

But firstly, I’d like to talk about the very thing that will make or break your ability to make your own transformation like this – your own mind.

Ineffective Mindsets To Avoid

Most people look at transformations like the above (and like Gregs, which was arguably even more drastic), and dismiss it as either luck, genetics, or a guaranteed eating disorder.

It’s definitely not luck. Nobody ever went from chubby to shredded by accident, just like nobody lifted a weight once and woke up the next morning a champion bodybuilder with 18 inch arms.

Genetics is something to consider if you’re trying to be the best in the world at something.

But simply losing body fat?

It’s absolutely irrelevant. Nobody was genetically hard-wired to be fat, that’s just a surplus of calories consumed over a long period of time.

The eating disorder argument is the only one that might be valid, depending on how you approach the fat loss process (which we’ll get into in just a minute).

So if you want to get to sub 10% body fat, realise three things:

  1. Luck has nothing to do with it
  2. Genetics has nothing to do with it
  3. Developing an unhealthy relationship with food is a real threat, but one that’s easily overcome if you approach fat loss the correct way

So what exactly is the “correct way”?

Here’s how I did it…

The Big 3 Factors

If you follow these three, you can get as lean as you damn well want without any negative repercussions (rebounding, unhealthy relationship with food etc.)

Fat Loss Transformation

Factor #1) I Took My Time

I’m going to say that any drastic transformation that occurred within a few weeks or something, is inherently going to be unsustainable for two reasons:

  1. The calorie deficit is too large and the body never likes that, and;
  2. Your brain simply doesn’t have the capacity to truly change who you are internally to match the external appearance, THAT quickly. This is a huge cause of self-sabotaging behaviour (because your subconscious isn’t matched with the ideal person you want to become, it’s still stuck in the past to some degree).

With that said, if you plan out a drastic fat loss transformation over a multi-month period where the deficit isn’t too large over a typical 7 day period, you can definitely make this work.

You can definitely get aggressive with the occasional 36 hour fast to build momentum, but my advice would be to not follow that up with six “1200 calorie days”, as that’s just psychological torture and asking to destroy your metabolism.

I took many months to burn the fat, and my subconscious had no problem accepting this as the “new me”, so I never suffered from any psychological issues.

To be completely transparent, the above picture on the left was around May 2014 and the picture on the right was in July 2017 so three years apart, but most of the fat loss occurred in the summer of 2017 so you can definitely do it within a handful of months.

The picture at the top of this blog post was a full eight years apart, with the pic on the right being from only a few weeks ago. I’m way more jacked now, and it does takes years to build serious muscle mass.

Factor #2) Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting was a major factor in my transformation, because it was the only system that left me genuinely satisfied on less calories.

It made fat loss effortless.

You do not want to be going on a diet and being hungry by 11am, which is what most people do. Calorie counting, Atkins, Paleo, whatever, none of it works if you start the day off the wrong way.

The best way to start the day for both health and fat loss is:

A) Fasted

B) With some apple cider vinegar (to prevent acidity, digestive issues & other age-related health problems)

C) With black coffee/green tea to curb your appetite and keep you in a fat-burning state until lunchtime

I actually write tailored meal plans based on this system you can find right here. If you have more questions about IF in general, feel free to read the FAQs.

Cocoa Cereal | Grain & Gluten-Free, Low-Carb & High-Protein, No Sugar

Factor #3) I Eliminated Any Trigger Foods

If there was one thing that a MASSIVE % of my Twitter following f***s up on regularly, it’s this.

Most guys who’ve been reading my content for some time are 100% on-board with both Intermittent Fasting and taking your time, not being too aggressive for too long with the calorie deficit etc.

But when it comes to trigger foods, it doesn’t matter what excuse you use. The fact of the matter is, you haven’t kicked these foods out of the house (or at least out of your sight – “kids, only eat these foods in your own room” or something like that), and therefore the fact of the matter is that these foods still continue to stall your progress.

What are these foods?

Well everyone has different personal examples.

But the overall definition of a ‘trigger food’ is something that is so powerful that it bypasses all logic within your brain, completely passing through the pre-frontal cortex and immediately hijacks the “reptilian brain” beneath, often ending in severe binge-eating.

Sugar in general tends to do this.

But it comes in different forms for different people.

For one guy it might be yoghurt with granola & honey. For another guy it could be ice cream. For another it could be sugary cereal *cough*me*cough.

You can ONLY eliminate trigger foods. By definition, a “trigger food” cannot be moderated. The psychological/emotional trigger is too strong. The only way you can be stronger is to kick it out permanently, without excuses.

Trigger foods can destroy weeks worth of fat loss progress in one or two nights, so they have to go. They make it impossible to truly lower your body fat set point.

In Summary

If you follow the general outline of the three points above, you’ll do well. You’ll certainly avoid the psychological problems that comes with dieting for most people, and the weight you lose will STAY off.

But if you want to truly experience the very best of what I’m talking about, definitely either get an IF meal plan, or if you’d like one to one coaching, ONE SLOT has just opened up and probably will not be open for very long. If you’re interested, just DM me on Twitter (@theforeveralpha).

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