From 25% Body Fat To 8%: Greg’s Story

Intermittent Fasting

Chubby To Shredded

Greg has a very interesting Intermittent Fasting transformation story, that’s clearly visually impressive. He went from a chubby, weak 25%+ body fat down to a strong, shredded 8%.

But how exactly did he do it?

Greg’s Background

He started off in a very similar position to most men. High body fat %, no muscle mass (as he wasn’t lifting), and wasn’t happy with the way he looked. This was back in 2014.

In 2015, he started training and following a typical ‘bodybuilding bro’ meal plan:

“Classic chicken, broccoli, rice, egg whites, oatmeal diet. ? newbie muscle gains. Got down to 135 pounds. Maybe was 12% body fat.”

Now, this kind of diet DOES work for muscle gain and fat loss. The problem is that when your “normal guy” who works a full time job and maybe has kids tries to follow this, he has a 97% chance of failure, statistically speaking.

It’s not sustainable.

It CAN work for some more extreme personality types, but even then, it’s a temporary eating model that doesn’t exactly span the rest of their lifetimes.

What you want to do is take the positives from this diet, and then integrate them into an Intermittent Fasting system that works well for you and your lifestyle.

Take the things like:

  • The high protein from chicken breast & egg whites
  • The high fiber & micros from broccoli
  • The quality carbs like rice (and maybe oatmeal)

But insert them into a time-restricted eating model that includes a little more variety (and a little more in the way of healthy fats for testosterone purposes.

(Read here for the FAQ on the Intermittent Fasting model if you’re new. You may also want to read the Ultimate Guide on Intermittent Fasting).

College: The Impact Of Beer & Pizza

The next phase of this physique journey was in 2016-2019 when he was in college, where beer was flowing and hangovers were abundant.

Boy do I remember those days well.

One of my college years was when I hit my personal peak fatness too, so I completely sympathise with that. Having said that, in final year I did manage to maintain ~9% body fat year round, so it can be done if you moderate the booze.

But here’s Greg’s words:

“2016-2019- went to college and discovered beer, a college cafeteria, and pizza on the regular. ? hung around 15-25% body fat those years.”

Towards the end of the whole process:

“I also was 170 afterwards and looked absolutely terrible. 25-30% body fat.”

Yep, college is good fun. But it’s also very damaging, especially if you don’t end up using the degree (like the vast majority of people, including myself.) I did Economics which I didn’t need (obviously) in order to become a serial entrepreneur, or even a pilot which was my backup career.

But on top of this, you’ve got the physical damage that college tends to do to the body – almost everyone gains tons of fat & stresses the liver, guys and girls both, PLUS it’s essentially a propaganda machine that you have to constantly battle psychologically.

I’ve witnessed a lot of perfectly normal guys emerge from college/uni as complete pussies with absolutely no work ethic/drive, and plenty of normal girls emerge 100% indoctrinated by feminism.

None of this is good for a society of lean, strong, high T men.

So how did he transform himself from the typical graduate into a shredded machine?

The Transformation

“It mostly came down to a calorie deficit. But I identified when I was hungry the most throughout the day. Which was typically late morning and the evening.

So I usually start my day eating around 10 AM. And then finish around 7.

Protein at every meal is big time. Very satiating.

And then I eat my simple carbs mostly before lifting. For the pump. And the energy burst. Lol. But most importantly I stuck with the 500 calorie deficit. Day in. Day out. High volume meal for dinner. A lean protein and lots of veggies. ‘Breakfast’ is either protein pancakes or eggs Turkey bacon and turkey sausage. But mostly sticking within a window where my appetite needs to be quelled the most and a deficit works best for me.”

So this is actually a slightly different window to what I normally suggest, but he followed 17:7 fasting, and chose a system that worked for him.

This is key.

He knew when he was most hungry, knew that these two points were his weak points, and he solidified them by eating a high protein meal at each time period.

He also stuck to the calorie deficit day in, day out.


In Summary

Greg was a very motivated dude post-college, and went from 25-30% body fat all the way down to a shredded 8%, without even taking a diet break. Never mind a bunch of unnecessary cheat meals.

But the visual transformation is pretty impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s a reminder:

Chubby To Shredded

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